Mean Daddy – Hilarious Baby Video!

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Joeslady Cc says:

That’s not funny! Its just mean! Poor Baby, our children will have plenty
of real things to cry about and things to get upset about in life without
parents making them sad on purpose, let them be happy playful baby’s not
sad unhappy baby’s

Erwin Calvo says:

haha the daddy laugh sound like evil at the end

leerud69 says:

Some of these comments are just plain ridiculous. Saying the child is being
abused and bad parenting ect.. It’s moments like these you treasure
forever. The baby won’t be upset, it’s just copying what his/her dad is
doing. My son is the kindest loving boy you can imagine, and I did lots of
silly memorable moments like this. Enjoy it while they are babies. Really
irritates me how say this is abuse.

Jennifer Smith says:

Awwwww! He is so cuuuuuuute!

Sueann Rodriguez says:

That’s so mean but it’s so cute at the same time….wait til baby gets
older and see that he gonna get dad back lol

Jeannette Wade says:

So cute! Ignore the haters!

houchi69 says:

Why is that “mean baby”?

SensualCessilia says:

Shame on you for abusing your baby like that.

Ghufran Essam says:

I love this baby he is so cute

Lynaldine says:

so cute , baby brysson is hilarious ♥

OceanbornAngel . says:

God, Daddy isn’t crying, he’s turning into a Werewolf. No wonder it upsets
the baby.

D.R.A.P.E.R. says:

I actually learned in my psychology class that a lot of babies tend to
innately imitate facial expressions…cutest thing in the world

Kristina Trujillo says:

Super cute baby and daddy giggles like a girl. :-)

Brian Olson says:

Mean Daddy – Hilarious Baby Video!:

elfriede farnady-mayerhofer says:

stupit Video

Rebecca Pearson says:

Cutest little pout

Mary Brit says:

Omg this vid is from 2010! Ross must b a 4 y/o adorable baby now!!!

Joelin Joy says:

lol his dad cries like a dying wolf

Sahar Kha says:

I don’t understand why people make their kids traumatized to get stupid
views on Youtube!

Emily Carona says:

soooo CUTE

C C C Jones says:

lol! That is too cute! And it goes to show that adults need to treat babies
right because they can feel and show emotions!

amal al badawi says:

حرام :(

alicia miller says:

the baby little lip sooooooo cute

Bui Chang Tuyet Lan says:

OMG cute boy >.< 

Romi Donovan says:

aww but you meanie why would you do that to a baby

Nasreen A says:

Strange parents, making their little baby cry. The father is being horrible
to him and the mother is enjoying that, wow, hats off to them. And hats
off to all you who have found it “so cuuuuuute”
What is it about human psychology, so enjoying the fear of someone totally
defenceless – in fact, being the cause of the fear. How very kind!

debasmita das says:

awwww.. :) soo cuute

bither26 says:

hahahahaha i always do this to babies lol. just cant resist that puppy face
look :3

brandon tan says:

Cutest baby ever

chueyee yang says:

So cute!!!!!!

Keebs41 says:

That cute little lower lip! Awww….

tarsem singh says:

show cute

Benny M says:

That baby is creepy, he goes from a straight face to that sad one at 0:34,

Natasha Malik says:

so cuteeeeeeeeeeee <3 nice video guys awwwww

Kanchan Mulani says:

Awwwwww… :*

stellaofcourse says:

Silly daddy! Next time, just throw up on that daddy when he teases you!

Joyce Worley says:

my dad is men

c jones says:

Dad sounds & looks gay.

MrPeanut Head says:

That is one mega mega cute baby, showed the wife the clip and she was mega
mega broody.

Savannah Marie says:

The cutest thing in the world x

Joyce Worley says:

my dad is mee

Anna Carlson says:

He is so adorable :)))

Lucy austin says:

Sorry I keep coming back here. I have to watch this everyday to make myself
feel better.

ShadowWolf1015 says:

so cute

Bea Brazil says:


samiyah thomas says:

You know what I don’t understand?? I don’t understand why parents hate to
see there child hurt but they do stuff to make them cry

Mica Honez says:

Such a doll baby!!!

john pshitek says:

i hope all you ppl scaring babies get CPS’ed

FaZe SYnicAL says:

Super cute

layla gadd says:

So cute

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