Laughing Baby Falls Over From Laughing

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Big Baby Laugh Cut Baby laughs so hard he looses control and falls over backwards on the bed A strange video pops up just before we see a very cute baby laughing hysterically In fact he laughs so hard he falls right over This is kind of an odd video but the baby is funny see more at www freebabyclips com laughing baby funny humor baby laugh funny humour cute edit at www freebabyclips com


Al-layl Jamila Karina says:

I was in need of a nice innocent happy soul.. mashaAllah

Bikram Dhaliwal says:

very nice. i showed this to my dad years ago and he still remembers. great

Aleesia Simmons says:

Having a bad day? This is a sure way to tickle your funny bone

Agustin Lizardo says:


Chris Adams says:

I think that one of the coolest things about kids is their ability to be
fully present. If they think something is funny, they laugh, if they
think that something is sad, they cry, if they think something is scary,
they run to someone that they trust and let them deal with it until it goes

Nadrah Fatin says:

hahaha.. made my day. thanks kid

Bikram Dhaliwal says:


DareneXx says:

SO cute that it made me laugh 😀

rararabia19 says:

LOL!!!! 31 ppl r baby eaters thats why they dont like this….

kwilcox1126 says:


Stacy Stoianova says:

@argosson1 I don’t think so, he’d be dead =)

Taguiar12594 says:

me: look at ur dislikes baby: hahhaahhaahaahahahahhahaahh*falls

GP382NJ's Official says:

Watched 55 times today xD

Tommas Oden says:

hhahahaha press 6 then 1 then 6 then 1 “serious” laughing” “serious”
“laughing” 😀

iluvrzk says:

Omg that is HILARIOUS!!!!! 😀

Andreas W. says:

this baby is actually ROFL-ing…. xD

gamezover2468s says:

this is a crazy boy, needs kickstarts, hahahaha then crashes on the bed!! XD

crazychicken says:

Anyone know what show this is I can’t remember

Heidi84176 says:


Shell Fagan says:

I cnt breath its so funny

Gael Moreno says:

hayy how da sound is wen he falss GAY!

youra van der linde says:

he heard justin bieber sing

Julia Devonney says:

Of all the laughing baby videos on Youtube, this has been my absolute
favorite of them all! I am responsible for probably 150 or more views!

Anders van Aller says:

@Kbc1000 i laughed because you spelled raise wrong

missy beauregard says:

sooo cute

smyth2000 says:

1. Pause at 00:00 2. Keep pressing 7 3. Enjoy the KunFu baby on your
computer screen! XD

Nicky Los says:

lol! i love how they edited it so they made the baby laugh over again. lol!
that made me crack up! ahahhaha

Fr492001 says:

what is he laughing at?

VelveteenHero756 says:

Lmao!! Looks like he just saw the funniest fuckin thing in the world

Kamal Chadde says:


GooglFascists says:

Just got his first look at Janet Napolitano. (Later is when he will start

ldragostorm12 says:

This is what my boss did when i asked for a raise…

thewanteddfann101 says:

arwww he is soo adoorablee xxxx

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