Kristen & Dax Give Hilarious Baby Update

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Taylor Kershaw says:

These two are the most adorable, hilarious couple ever. So jelly of their
child. XD

Round2Ready says:

I freaking love Dax and Kristen. I almost named my son Crosby, but my
husband didn’t agree.

Brittany Lamrock says:

He over powers her

Audrey Hepburn says:

I love them as a couple but Dax kept interrupting her too much.

sosotess says:

The baby was due end of spring? Was she early?

vanebutterfly says:

PS.: She was stunning on that dress!

AudioLove1 says:

BEST COUPLE EVER! They are sooooooo funnny

That Weird Ninja says:


digz_mctwist says:

So funny and so in love 😀

threetottalytweens says:

parent hood brought me here.

stretchmonroe says:

his voice sounds like owen wilson’s..hand down….;)

ojhda says:

Dax can’t keep his eyes of her haha, can’t blame him

ABOlsen69666 says:

Bell is great:-) Love the fact that my wife is same pocket size and has a
good sense of humor. Won’t trade, but there’s always room:-)

threetottalytweens says:

the show of course

20PinoyAdik10 says:

Thanks Mitch. Say hi to your mom for me k?

tinkpink514 says:

Aww, they’ll make such good parents! And I love their love for BCoop! haha

cidipidi says:

maybe John Krasinski?

LouLeft says:

Backup THE DOG !!!

Anise Silver says:

Ha he said Backup…. like in veronica mars…. ha…

beingbeckeroni says:

What makes them adorable is how they look at each other… <3

Iratymae (: says:

0:02 wait what did dax say there? lol i didn’t understand it

Vectorial [v] Multimedia, Paris - France. says:

I hate you Dax, but congrats! GG WP

barewl says:

yes yes yesss!! My two favorite hollywood couples ever. I mean they are
just so cute togetherrr! im not obsessed..

kristynajecmenova says:

Yes, the are! Them and Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are the most adorable
couples among celebrities I think…

MindThief99 says:

of 2014

Copain Dan says:

can you let her TALK?

clois95 says:

I love how they just banter with such nonchalance. hahah amazing

msmusik2 says:

I love how they play off each other haha

ElisaGIH says:

Coolest, most fun couple in the history of… EVER.

Nessarocks100 says:

They are so adorable!!!

871ash says:

She looks so pretty

JennySilvertonx says:

Such a shame lol because there was no food being served however the
beautiful Amy Adams donated her nuts to Kristen so K & Dax got to snack on
them during the globes.

That Weird Ninja says:

Cutest Celebrity Couple Ever!

cartergirl3of3 says:

All right Dax, love ya….but SHUT UP

Arlene NJ says:

She looks so cute pregnant.

amroon777 says:

Just let her talk PLEASE!!

Kirose Lambert-Gorwyn says:

Get Backup. The pit-bull! God I loved Veronica Mars…

flocom1 says:

Could he let her place ONE word?!

Catherine Brunson says:

It’s so cute because when they look at each other, even if it’s just when
they’re having a conversation, you can tell how in love they are.

Tricia Young says:


ririririPXN says:

Does she ever get to talk with that guy?

vanebutterfly says:

It’s so lovely to see a couple truly in love!

luvtheheaven5 says:

Check out my Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard fanvideo tribute here:
/watch?v=MuQFJkI07lM 😉

alcair argon says:


ireviewboooks says:

They couldn’t be more perfect for each other :)

Scheffie88 says:

I’m kind of annoyed that he HAS to be the first one responding to the
questions, even if Kristen is already talking. He’s overdoing it, and she’s
cut off every time! But they do look good together, I bet they’ll be
amazing and awesome parents

aodgabelogan says:

I’ve donated my nuts to kristen for years.

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