Karate between father and his baby – Hilarious and Funny

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Johnny dela Cruz says:

Kama hame ha … I guess the father is a Dragonball fan :P

Hoàng Khang Nguyễn says:

😀 Vietnamese. he said: “my kungfu is better recently”

Aaron Brown says:

Karate Lessons between a father and his son!
#children #karate #fatherandson #funny

Sarah Hendry says:

this is more cute then funny for me :)

fraziermae says:

It was cute 1 time:/

BTOSHAW309 says:

Lol awwww cute

Kevin Kraft says:

Too bad that’s a dialect of chinese and that’s Kung Fu.

farnsworth3000 says:

Why no you doctor yet? 

Miss Effenaii says:

awh i love videos like this where parents spend fun quality times with
their babies!

Long Le says:

LMAO, this is too awesome!!!!

Daniel Solum says:

holy shit now i need to learn this!!!

Hung Tran says:

A vietnamese father doing right.

Sam Mubs Lee says:

Karate?? White people…. 

nailfun4u says:

That so cute

Rei x says:

Second, can I have a cookie? 

jorge marquez says:


ahmed alyousef gaming channel says:


Yazmin T. says:

Karate lessons! Cute!

Pokémon Hunter44 says:


Nanda Gopal says:

soo cute.

E.M. Solberg says:


Stephen Earl says:


Monique says:


James Bond says:


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