Jack discovers a hilarious book

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Mary Haberkorn says:

Love this crazy kid

Daniel J. Phillips says:

There’s an Abnormal Psych doctoral dissertation waiting to be written, on
folks who’d vote “thumbs-down” on a video like this.

John Holme says:

What a funny book this is.. lol

MidnightWonko says:

Just wait until you guys introduce him to The Three Stooges!

DanPLC says:

That was hilarious! My daughter used to love this book too and get tickled
over “oops”.

Parentdish.co.uk says:

This baby really loves reading! (Video)

This adorable video of a baby in fits of giggles while being read a story
proves that a love of books can begin at a very young age.

+Ellen Wallwork 

Blizzeekitty says:

LOL!! Good thing he’s wearing a diaper!

Loren Rugen says:

Our son loved the same book too! Something silly about the word ‘oops’ eh?

Emjay Parks says:

Awwwwwww….laughing babies are THE best!!!

sudhindra srinivas says:

Adorable baby!! Cant wait until he moves on to animated cartoons with
Mickey Mouse and Popeye. He would be a complete laugh riot!

Jan B. says:

Half the enjoyment probably comes from the way dad’s reading it. :)

Lynette Sightler says:

He is just so precious!! Thanks for sharing this video!

Penny Rose says:

Too cute! Shame on those who disliked this video. 

Sara McGuire says:

I love the little squeal at the end 

judith grantham says:

OMG He is SOOOOO Adorable!!!! 

Trexcy Anne Lelis says:

Too cute, ooppss!!! :D

Sandra Boynton's FROG TROUBLE says:

Jack, I have to say this is the best review I’ve ever gotten for any of my
books. Thank you!

Kristen J says:

that is freaking adorable

Luisa Gomez says:

Such a happy beautiful baby!!! thanks for sharing! this is adorable!

Gene N says:

That was a cute, cute father :D

Mary Haberkorn says:
TheBloodyScott says:


Ahava Sarah Fischer says:

I am addicted to this video. I cant stop watching it ! lol :) That is one
ADORaBLE babyyy ! :) hehehe

Sara Joe Petro says:

Good bless him !!
Too cute

Printing Solutions Arizona says:

Laughing is the best medicine, and it’s good for you. Remember that.


#laughingisthebestmedicine #printingsolutions #happythursday

Eray Bartan says:


Gina Gelbolingo San Buenaventura says:

If only adults can find fun even in, “Oopps!” :-D. Happy baby.

Lorri French says:

What an adorable baby . I love the video . Great job Reading from his
Dad : )

Azlite74 says:

O lawd! my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.

joebeach26 says:

Lol that’s too cute

Kelley Hoffman says:

This is just so precious! Made me laugh out loud! :) Thanks for sharing.

Tim Hwang says:


sarahalisaw says:

Reminds me of my little boy! He loves books so much! 

Elaine Hyre says:

Miss my grand babies.so sweet

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