HILARIOUS Baby Wakes Up to Bruno Mars

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What better way to wake up than by listening to your favorite song? When this little guy hears “Runaway Baby” he wakes up from his nap dancing! Original Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5V5bNnA-Lg

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Shar H says:

ellen brought me :)

sjwhang99 says:

Oh my goodness: this little guy is so incredibly cute and his reaction to
that song is just so sweet and funny!!! I literally had a huge smile on my
face and was lol!!! This is a keeper and I will have to play it on those
days I feel like I need a boost of energy. Soooooo cute!!!

Mary Beth Schultz says:

Did this remind anyone else of Weekend At Bernie’s 2?

TheDragonaf1 says:

BBC Radio one brought me here…

Samara Wright says:

So cute

martz0r says:

This baby dances better than me #whitepeopleproblems

Angie Dong says:

baby wakes up dancing HE IS SO CUTE!!

Erin E Findley says:

The best way to wake up


Kid ROCKS!!!

IAmthesc0ut says:

……..So funny……and cute…………ugh….

Obsessive Fangirl says:

I wonder if that is how young Bruno likes his girls.

Kaninchen Cleo und Momo says:

headbanging – so cute!

Cassandra Muzik says:


זהר גרינברג says:

כולם להזיז ת’טוסיק(:

Tina Jones says:

Hehehe! Amazing! That is exactly how I do it. 😉 Too cute!

Ailsa Forshaw says:

Oh, this baby’s soo cute!!

chevonne22 says:

Who doesn’t like this!?!?

kssward2 says:

I just love to see happy babies!

Tyra Nare says:

Totally adorable

Areli Abigail says:

alguien me dice como se llama la canción? :c porfis

Holly Stoneburner says:

He is pretty good for a first time

Cros2632 says:

soo sweet *o*

Raja Sekhar says:

can anyone tell me the name of the song please

XxQVEEN KxX says:

Sooooooooo cute!

michelle sweet says:

Omg..that little booty wiggle at the beginning is too cute for words.

Brian Meyers says:

you’re teaching well.. that baby got style.. great song by the way

Stephanie Starkey says:

Very sweet. even sweeter for momma to have such a happy baby at wake up
time. :)

M lucas says:

What a adorable little ray of sunshine! :3

Deborah Nailbiter says:

Love Bruno MARS

Samuel Toomer says:

Only a demon or the devil himself would not like this! This is

Ahba Nuteh says:

Omg hahahaha! 

Liz Plascencia says:


LPS Nathalie says:

I cryed! SO CUTE

Kathy Einarson says:

I love this kid and that’s exactly what I do whenever I hear that
commercial! You have no choice, but to dance. Love you Bruno Mars! You’re
keeping us old folks young!

Isabel Garcia says:

Cutie :)

Samantha Blanchette says:

Sweet Yay!

meandjoe2000 says:

This is the cutest baby! So sweet. 

Cristinact says:

If I saw this every morning, I would just melt down!

nirvana lives says:


tayra973 says:


The slashazax says:

So cute

trudreamer613 says:

So precious! Thank you for sharing with us!!

Sigurbjørn Ingolfsson says:


Kotto Guerrero says:

Hahaha so funny! Wish I can wake up that happy!

XxN1ghtKiIIerxX says:

Haha so cute!!! And the little dance XD!!! So Kawaii!!

mrburt820 says:

Too cute!!!

Amy Jo says:

Oh, if only we could all wake up this way every morning!!!!! :)

Colby Heald says:


changchangchaaanng says:

Starts by eating..then switching position to the doggystyle..then riding
cowgirl. .watching mommy n daddy enough times n the kids folllow..sooo

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