Hilarious! Baby talking on the phone

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Here is Emelia at about 16 months old talking to daddy on the phone…in her own language :) You may be able to make out a few words here and there 😉 Listen for “num num nummies” (food), and “buggy” (when she sees a bug outside).


Nurulh Asmah says:

like me

Siti Zubaidah Norin says:

baby talking on the phone. #funnyvideo #baby 

britney crafts says:

So cute baby talking on the phone

liza ho says:

She has many things to talk to daddy, Cute babe girl

Sno Bazooka says:

0:07 to 0:09 – the cutest little duck walk! awwww I could watch those two
seconds over and over a whole day! :)

Putu Karno says:

Anakmu sok ngene ki ra yu +Wong Ndesit? Hihiui

Sarah Vaughter says:

Yes it’s very cute and I bet she’ll be talking properly very soon, but I
don’t think microwave transmitters belong next to the thin skull and
developing brain of babies. There is plenty of peer-reviewed, published
research that mobile phone use greatly increases the likelihood of brain
tumors. I am aware that the stakeholders spend a lot of money denying this,
but the proof is available:


Hanna Maglente says:

Haha…sooo cutttteeeeee… 

itsddashrock says:

Them cheeks though.

Vicky Mitter says:

Dont take the cellphone from her ooh so cuteee

Christopher Edge says:

Such a sweetie, Love it!

zayed al suwaidi says:

ka cow cow heh? LMAO

Faiza Arif says:

Hilarious! Baby talking on the phone: http://youtu.be/vQ64R0KKssc

Gautham Srinivas says:

I’ve seen this video so many times that I remember what she says by-heart.
If only she could teach me what it means xD

ave mb says:

^^ so adorable and funny at the same time ^^

flakjacket5 says:

I love how she points to the bug on the patio and says “Buggy daddy buggy,

LegolasLover123 says:

Too cute<3

Gwen Raven says:

Dude, you don’t touch the phone. Wait til she’s a teen. She must be a

dee doc says:

She was holding a conversation in her own language. She loves her daddy.

Emily LoveStar says:

lol so cute

Uzma Chauhan says:

Its soooooo cute.i have watch this vedios many times. Like it :)

CyrusDarius says:

Totally hilarious and adorable!

Alexandra Luster says:

This would just be awesome if she accidentally called some random person
and this was all they heard.

Trevor Apollo says:

Haha oh daddy! Dy. Dy. Dy. Dy. Adorabale child!

Ken Fukaku says:

次からはイヤホンを付けて会話してね~(機械を体に近づけないように)♪ ※電磁波が危ないから

shane adams says:

I felt so bad for her when she cried because she wanted to talk on the
phone with her daddy

juliejulieann Curtis says:

I enjoy watching this video everyday.

Tiffany Wricks says:

OMG! So cute!! :D

Laura Dietrich says:

“Shhh, Mom, I’m on the phone!”

mphgrad says:

She is so serious about what she has to say! Wow!!

Sarah Procter says:

Fabulous..saw it a while ago. watching it again (and again) arent children

Margot's_big scene says:

Its so adorable

kingjoker1111 says:

Lol is some of her talking i can hear her say cow 

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