HILARIOUS BABY SHOWER GAME! – August 18, 2012 – itsJudysLife Vlog

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Raw Brahs http://www.youtube.com/RawBrahs
Benji’s Guacamole Recipe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GP2LKHRb3w0
Yesterday’s Vlog http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gsIctkODVw

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clarissa vallejo says:

hey judy are you a filipina?

Valerie Figueroa says:

That blond seemed uncomfortable or was jealous

Maria Mejia says:

Lol I was cracking up the whole video..

videofan77 says:

29 people don’t like awesome baby showers and hot guys ;P

Valentina Resendez says:

You Should Do A Tutorial On How to do the Creative thing you did with your
Friend!:) The Little Bear on the bycicle

lenalici0us89 says:

We do the cotton ball game but you have to hold the bowl on your head


“Hi Im Krchsty” lol… she sounded like she has a lisp

alexandra says:

oh my gosh Judy how did you do that kids bike!??

DiamondsXFlowers says:

i heard a old lady speakin in philipino 4:26

TheFantasy909 says:

Who asked you?

AffordableBeauty101 says:

my mom is like the queen at the safety pin game!

debbie4591 says:

Ahhh such a fun baby shower! Love the decorations n the games! Bless the
mum n baby :)

alittlebitofbeauty says:

It was watermelon and he said it was a watermelon

nostalgiajones says:

Danimal is soooo hot

beckyhoag13 says:

JUDY play the game where you put different chocolates in diapers & melt
them to look like poop! Then you go around and guess which chocolate is

Cheryl B says:

Crystal sounds like the guy from that kid show ‘George Shrinks’

Victoria Grijalva says:

haha right

Morgan Davis says:

christie’s awk

jmjames1684 says:

what breed is the little white dog?

272723cassidy says:

Well she is ok with it because she kept it in her video

Alicia Acosta says:

This video is one of my favorites it’s so hilarious and kinda crazy!

jasmbha says:

your friend, Sulise is so talented! Can she make arts and crafts videos

jixinthemix says:

tutorial or link of the tricycle please

Rosa Violetta says:

they’ve showed how they cut it already

amber29876 says:

You guys ALWAYS make me hungry! Lol

jennifer yang says:

they went to Jamaica.

Krishna Lynne says:

Your friend’s voice, the one who made the dips.. She sounds like she’s a
voice actress. I can’t tell what cartoon voice she sounds like.. But I need
to knoooow! Lol!

420MARIIE says:

we play that cotton ball game too but the bowl goes on ur head n we use a
flat dish

Courtney J says:

you’re gorgeous!

D Short says:

Your makeup looks so pretty

Bellaellacecilia . says:

The blue bowl game at the baby shower had me laughing so hard!! Oooh also
thanks for recommending the rawbrahs. Love em cuties:)

Davey Polk says:

Crystal sounds like the wife from King of Queens lol

dreamgal940 says:

This made me laugh SOO hard specially when u said Benji doesn’t have holy
underwear cus u thru them all out LMBO!!!! Hilarious!!!!! Love watching ur
vids!! Ur life is SOO much fun! Ur one lucky gal :)

lavalamp8834 says:

look at the girl in the green shirts face at 2:13 lol

joyce123rocks says:

The cotton game was sooo hilarious.

Sabrina Chavez says:

I think its a guy thing with keeping holey undies. I had to throw my
hubbies holey undies out too…lol

lilmsaloha05 says:

Can u do a tutorial on the bike monkey? I wanna make it for my friends baby

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