Hilarious Baby Laugh. Very Cute.

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Lisa Lee says:

He is so cute.

Lisa Lee says:

He is so cute.

OYT2006 says:

Hes or shes already 7! Same with me!

TheAshleyWitt says:

1:04 to 1:12 he was laughing, then remembered what he was laughing at, and
started laughing again. Lol

Mittnamneisse says:

Swedish kid♥

Paumiil says:

aw, and he has no teeth!!! aaawww

Oscar Cardoza says:

lol epic cough at the end 😀

drinny26 says:

i dont know if i’m laughing at the baby or the sounds. they are funny

Disconto says:

Det här klippet borde vara med i någon form av roligast klipp-tävling. Man
blir alldeles vam i hela kroppen och det är fan någonting alla borde se :)

mcgrawactor1 says:

everytime i am on youtube i have to watch this!!!

Laura M says:

i seriously lol’d when i saw this. <3

rickyd0821 says:


blahposh says:

does this baby not blink? hahaha im cryin

aimssholman says:

so cute. made me laugh aswell. bless.

Unknown Clown says:

that gets old after the first minute

Friar Tuck says:

Awww….what an adorable baby! 😀

chikitakari says:

very cute!

Lauranna says:

Bless! This wee man just cracks himself up over anything!

BabiezGoneWild says:

LOL Watch this Baby Charlie….. “Hump that Piano Charlie!”

Wucares says:

@0x0Muldal0x0 why look at it and search for it then .. fucking dumbass

Mrsposey16 says:

aww lol this baby is so cute . It never gets old watching this video . and
the ppl tht posted rude or sick comments … go on somewhere for god sakes
n get a life .

Grovyle153 says:


iiiMeganxo says:

hes sucha cute baby xD

sivertogjohan says:


del123w says:

tooooo cute lol lmfao

sasukefangirl1267 says:

honestly I laugh like that >.< well not so squeky my friends make funof me -.-

Malice720 says:

1:01 DONG!

zurinatorr says:

que bello! XD

BreezyBee3189 says:

aww so cute, his laugh is so funny

raedoll94 says:

lmao too cute i couldnt stop laughing

wwwwario says:

Classic 😀

ElGolemista says:

i have seen better

peace484884 says:

i laughed so hard i couldnt help it its just so cute and hard not to laugh
and 58 people must not like babys

abdi5501boone says:

oh man i hope his high school class mates never get a hold of this video..

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