Hilarious Baby Kittens Won’t Let Go Of Feather Toy – Kitten Love

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It’s my feather!!!!

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Producer: Gabe Evans, Chad Hursa


OmaR SA says:


GCyclone says:

Oh thank god that annoying voice at the end of the videos is gone.

Dawn Pettersen says:

As all cats say: Mine Mine Mine Mine!

Kimba1000 Flaming Fox Productions says:

You can’t have a baby Kitten, a baby cat is called a kitten

katthy muñoz says:

Me alegra el dia ver la belleza de estos animalitos.

iiDeluxGirl says:

I wish I had my own kitten but I don’t well i do but there my mums an
brothers and I also wish I had my own channel

Anitra Beinare says:

My cat just sits there and looks at me like wth am I supposed to do with

Stephen Mitchell says:

Dear +The Pet Collective You have made me happy – that is all. These are
tears of happy

Rob B. says:

No more squeaky voices at the end. Thank you!

Kimberley Gordon says:

“Baby kittens”?

AllenTax says:

Viciously cute.:-)

iiDeluxGirl says:

FOR MY KITTENS of course

Jess Ng says:

Omg lol

Cielo Ruiz says:

Que monos

Qeen Coolie Mustache says:

So cute 

The Pet Collective says:
Matt Kyle says:


Megan Brooks says:


Randa A says:


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