Hilarious Baby Humps Doll

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Slender hunter says:

Where’s the toilet?

Nathan S. says:

Laughed so hard i peed my boxers

Jack Lee says:

basic instinct…..

Darwin fan says:

Obviously shares a room with his parents and saw something….

Cynthia Torres says:

Lol the parents let him do this

theBL brony says:

O_o wtf?

Marios Wallace says:

have sex

allen baker says:

damn this is funny

Erin Fredlund says:

Man i just cant belive that a BABY is allready humping something LOL

YLskeptic says:

He got this lifelike, anatomically correct doll from eBay, using his mom’s
VISA card.

nomore4methanks says:

” layed the game down right … Took her to the pad .. and gave her the
business!” thraow thraow

starr light says:

some 1 is going to be a pro when hes older

Mary Dart says:

thats. um. well. hmm. thats. no comment.


fred: so jim when did u learn about sex? jim: uhh gosh idk prolly when i
was close to 1 fred: wow thats pretty early jim: yea my parents filmed me
humping a baby doll fred: wow…jim wow…thats.. probably something i
didnt need to know

Jose Blanco says:

*Funny quote* “Who let timmy watch porn?”

wwefan1226 says:


Alexander Matos says:

LOL hes following his instincts thats all

cindy rincon says:

😮 wat the

Corwin ShadowForge says:

Is this baby porn?

sembalo says:

This was in suggested videos. Wonder why… I think this video uploader has
some kind of twisted mind or so. I mean the topic of that vid. Babies do
that “humping” with or without the doll beneath… Just normal behaviour
witch has nothing to do with sex. Well I think I DO have a good sense of
humor, but that is way too icky for me…

swrirlygirly says:

My god then don’t do it in front of your child

Kaylan Grigsby says:

at first this is super funny then you think wtf is this baby really trying
to do? lol

shyomama says:

@wdp3ngs u wana remebor thos times life is to short

Jesse Callaghan says:

hope that baby is wearing a comdom

OneRaceMovies Suck says:

lucky doll :(

Alicia Mae says:

aww so cute

SaiyuriSatomi says:

Git sooooome. Dude is gonna be a man whore…

5StarNinjaBearr02 says:

HEY GUIZE. Okay so I recently posted a video (KID HUMPS BOY) and the title
says it all o_o It doesn’t have much views which it should though! Help
please?? And the kid is 8 years old btw.

Chris Neall says:

I always wondered if this is technically considered child pornography?

M Steiner says:

Omg u guys are all wrong it’s just his instinks this kid must be a pimp

Terince36963 says:

i hopes he wears a condom when he goes to parks with other kids! and i
wonder if the make condoms that small?

me82898 says:

wow lmfao seriosly so funny how old is he

melani411 says:

omg!!!!!! i dont know if i would have captured on film….all babies move
like that, but not on top of a doll. and lol at the person that said thats
quagmire as a kid.

brandonf1218 says:


UrMomknowsMe1 says:

Da kid knows how to fuck . He wax pounding dat ass

minecraftWHAAA says:

At the end the baby sees the parent filming him!

korn23173 says:

He’s starting out early

DuneWolfz says:

I’m dying of laughter right now xD

jesmaily diaz says:

WTF someone watched to much playboy last night

Michael Bauer says:

XD bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

peaceindacity100 says:

BTWWW! babies learn how to pleasure themselves at a young age!

Melchildd says:

Its Hugh Heffner in his younger days :)

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