Hilarious Baby Commercial

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This is NOT my video.
I found this on www.mojoflix.com.
I thought it was a really cute commercial and pretty hilarious.
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Andy Trujillo says:

hahahhaha!! Funny commercial.
hahaahaha!! Gracioso comercial.
Hilarious Baby Commercial

GenieVillain26 says:

Not funny. This is very hurtful for transgendered people.

13hiyo says:

Ha ha baby prove

MrJarad206 says:

Happens to me all the time

Lover5501 says:


aikerz07 says:

this baby is pervert, what more if he grows up?

Neon tor says:

Me and that baby are the same!

agatha mala says:


Jamie Paul says:

@JonO387 it was a baby who was looking at all the womans breasts thinking
about breastfeeding and saw the one woman sit down who was actually a man
crossdressing and heard the voice and gagged

Yo Mama says:

That baby is a PLAYA! He goin to get all the girls when he grows up

camaroncin2 says:


alienboyguitar says:

@cretnobite whuuttt!!! are you kiddin’? you can’t tell the difference
between Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, etc…. right??? 😀

videomaster2921 says:


aboodal3las says:


Tasha Lianne says:


J Mason says:

@SSJLIGHT kung fu hustle is chinese

Light Stark says:

I think I saw this person in Kung Fu Hustle.

AdRuivah says:

huhrr….. khakhakhekhakhew lol kids nearly die that kids toooo surprise

pretzelzetzel says:

the baby saw the face and realized it was a man; he’d been duped! don’t get
duped by fakes; go for the real thing with OUR CELLPHONE COMPANY.

echo0622 says:


fordrkids22 says:

This is an Ad from Thailand, Ad M shop Mobile Store.

gloriakrasocka says:

Now i get it lol

satrio ponco hutomo says:


150grnballistictip says:

Man I’m in tears, that was funny! I wish they could do stuff like that in
the U.S. without fear of the homos suing!

crysisnov says:

Kid knows what to look for

natesrepublic says:

like father like son!

jessamulawin says:

I get it too!

hollysaga says:


ยินดี ที่ไม่รู้จัก says:


Ivan Olinghouse says:

ladyboy 1, baby 0

TheNatureDancer says:

ha ha ha keep on clicking * 0:17 sorry :(

TheWildflowerMeadow says:

smart baby

Prosenjit Mandal says:


Nagashi says:

that kid is a fine man already!

DjBreezy123 says:


parchekopche says:

@keilayefani thanks for the translation :)

JamesTR4 says:

That was kinda offensive…But then again i don’t give a crap…

Azrul3lmo says:

@Penlady5 urmm. It’s Thailand.

Lover5501 says:


jsturges28 says:

keep clickin 3 😛

Mocodan1232 says:

That is just wrong ):{

Penlady5 says:

@Azrul3lmo oh gosh you’re right. Capital of she-males is Bangkok. I had
Thailand in my head and typed Taiwan. My hubby was there just a few months
ago and still my fingers did not obey my brain. lol. Thanks.

mugmanmig says:

Oh japan

yefani keila says:

@05Mozes erhm…. English is not my native language, hope everybody
understand. 😀

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