happy baby pees on mom

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babymaddie100 says:

boy or girl

monkeystar107 says:

I’m trying to say I NEED to pee

GoldenArrow222 says:

I saw that it is a boy.

MissPretty518 says:

I cant stop watching this. He/she has the cutest lil face

SuperBubbles103 says:

lol what are you trying to tell me mom im telling you i gotta pee

babymaddie100 says:

boy or girl never mind clearly its a boy

monkeystar107 says:

Baby: I’m trying to day I NEED to pee Mommy: Oh no you peed on me Baby:hehe
I warned you Omg this is soooo cute haha love it


His cute adorable faceis overwelming! 😀 i cabt look away

James Mattish says:


Suzi Olsen says:


priteekitee says:

the mom’s calming voice and music in the background almost put me asleep.
I’m gonna go take a nap now. when i get back, this better be top comment.

SamRomeo2010 says:

Omgodness he is so cute :) One of the cutest babies ever!

James Mattish says:


ForeroFlower says:

LOL@ alien… Almost peed on my self

Georgia Spencer says:

Cute Alien :).

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