FunnyFuse Faves: Laughing Quadruplet Babies!

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Zachary Hardy says:

If this doesn’t make you smile, you are dead inside. In fact, your
probably filled with a combination of wasps and crickets instead of a soul.

Jo Davidson says:

giggles just want to make you laugh

Dave Buckman says:

absolutely fantastic. love this

Multimadmanable says:

The pure joy of the Caucasian ! You certainly don’t see niggers acting like
this.. We must keep our people healthy and strong, God bless his people IE
the Adamic seed

Sarah P Momma Hen says:

If you wanna smile …. Check out some pure joy to start the day
….and…. DO IT AGAIN! ….

athanasios siakos says:
Stardancer says:

If you wanna smile …. Check out some pure joy to start the day
….and…. DO IT AGAIN! ….

Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic - Dubai says:

Watch these adorable quadruplet babies laughing together, and you’ll find
yourself laughing with them!

Marivel Ramos says:
Trisha Ruby says:

Soo cute!!

William Alpha says:

Old comments!

Paula B. says:

Daddy making faces and funny sounds.

Augustchylde says:

Nobody else finds this creepy?

Denise Bodinski says:

Their is nothing more cheerful as babies that age giggling- priceless!

Jacqui M says:

Uh, it won Funniest Home Videos several years ago.

Jacqui M says:

They are all female, and identical. There have been a few specials on TLC
about them. I think they start high school either this year or next.

Jacqui M says:

She is not Sheila – her name is Allison. Love watching the girls in this
video, hard to believe they are almost teens if not already!

Manon Bénard says:

I wonder if the mother is Sheila Bellush… If she is, her story is heavily

ZombiezandCreeperz Gaming and Entertainment says:


ZombiezandCreeperz Gaming and Entertainment says:

me too

ZombiezandCreeperz Gaming and Entertainment says:

that speech made my teary eyed. hats off to you

ZombiezandCreeperz Gaming and Entertainment says:

thats NOT comedy!

Shon9tilR says:

I would love to have quadruplets. Have them all at the same time and get it
over with.

Syncretic Views says:

Probably Four, but maybe 2010 is just when the video was put out.

Rebekah Redd says:

Now that’s comedy!

sony eric says:


Colin Buddz says:

they should replace laugh tracks on sitcoms with the sound of these guys

jack darrell says:

id bang the mum

Linkgirl101 says:

Awww! So cute! I couldn’t stop smiling :)

Ben Cook says:

but which one made the meh sound their mouths are open literally the whole

JD_Shep says:

How could someone, 24 even, dislike baby laughter?

sabrina darias says:

omg soo adorable !!! this made me cry of happiness

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