funny hilarious baby ad yoga

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Grace Richards says:


RandomLeanne says:

lol! at first i thought, “oh, the baby’s doing yoga” then i realized the
baby was the instructor. xD 0:29 , the noise the guy makes.. XD

sandeep vadakkan says:

This is not Funny, because the yoga positions come from baby’s movements!!!

freeformrules says:


123nitinmathew says:

this is funny

Saphira Kelly says:

this baby have blue eyes

lezfer says:

lol this is good

Torpedo479 says:

wth? and wtf?

Megan Sutton says:

They are making fun of the baby by copying his movements

JJa929 says:

hahhaha … niice i wasn’t expecting to see the baby as an instructor!!

ZombieTooth says:

this reminds me of, youtube___Hump that Piano Baby

Alicia Embrey says:


Miniboy8 says:

It’s Danish right?

wiwi518 says:

baby yoga instructor, lol funny

glowworm2 says:

This is a pretty clever commercial. I like the part where the one guy gets
hurt trying to do one of the moves. Of course the baby is adorable.

Timothy Curtis says:

It’s not that funny, but it’s adorable!

Hady Pettersson says:

no, it´s swedish!!!

Kowsalya Vasudevan says:

Clever ad. Loved it:*)

Animalhelper10 says:

haha i liked it when they sucked their toe:)

MnMzMuskles says:

exactly what i was

misssoumsouma says:



I wanna fuck that baby

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