Funny baby videos laughing compilation 2014 – baby and cat funny video – part 2

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Horror Movies says:

good Funny Baby clip
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O2TV says:

Funny baby video :D

Vinh Nguyễn says:

bob123451 month ago

slowly but repeatedly keep pressing 7 . 

O2TV says:

Funny baby video laughing compilation 2014 #funnyvideo #funny 

Hoài An says:

My cats love this song !

O2TV says:

thanks to +BiitBook com . you can view and mỏre video :)


i love video

O2TV says:

thanks viwe video. you can share to friend +Đại Nhân 

Vương Đình Nguyên says:

We are ever trying to make them giggle or tweak from lemons or grimace from
farts . . . Its a wonder like is tough for babies; ya right . . . . Ah
babies . . . ya gotta love èm . I`m happy to be a proud mother of a
baby who made it through all the tough things we throw at èm!!!!

O2TV says:

You can share to view more video +lamvtbg Van 

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Jennifer Scott says:

Super cute 

Đại Ngô Đức says:

I loved the part with the pit bull cudding with the baby, that was cute but
the parts of the babies getting hurt should be removed

Ezal Walker says:

youtube video many thanks

Lisa Wright says:

Funny baby videos laughing compilation 2014 – bab…:

ngoc tuan ngo says:


Hân Gia says:

OMG all of you calm down the baby falling are very minor accident u guys
are waaayyyy to dramatic go get a life I bet some of the babies grew up saw
the videos and bust out laughing u guys need to calm down the babies are
fine and the parents are not bad for laughing babies are born to cry so
take a chill pill and CALM DOWN

Thu Mua says:

baby baby .

Sahar says:

I had a lot of kittens as a baby but now I’m alergic to them.

Thuận Se Cừn says:

Video great 😡 thanks so much , for share video

Anh Tuấn says:

I can’t believe these people put their kid in THAT seat on THAT counter .
these seats were recalled for causing kiddie concussions . 

Sam Rau says:

woa, video dancing cat, great

Vinh Tran says:

on the first one are twins and im a twin but we were much funnier wen we
were little

Hưng Việt says:

some are funny, while others scared me a bit as to how careless the parent
was when the one baby fell & hit his head :(

Thùy Lan says:

I have a cousin and when he was 3 you could say ” say what?” And he would
say ” what a heeick . Absolutely hilarious .

Kahn Ho says:

Why are people so stupid to put clothes on Cats and dogs, if they had no
hair i can understand, but animals with hair do NOT like clothes

Stenak says:

Funny baby videos laughing compilation 2014 – baby and cat funny video –
part 2 #funny #baby #videos #laughing #funnybaby

phuong hoang minh says:

I hate babies . I like to do things to them like crunch their hands by
squeezing my fist around them . They can’t tell anyone so I enjoy
inflicting enough pain in a baby that hopefully the parent will shake it
when they become frustrated . Especially when the goddam things stick
their tongues out . When I see this I have fantasize about punching th

Thịnh Võ says:

That is so funny that I cried omg it is funniest plz make more

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