Funny Baby Makes A Speech – hilarious funny video of a talking baby

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Funny Baby Makes a Speech – Hilarious baby in a bath talking like a politician in this spoof ‘Party Political Broadcast for the Toddler Party, Hope you like the funny subtitles.

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Viral Spiral says:

#TodaysViral is this cute video of a baby making a speech! Still makes more
sense than most of our politicians 😉

#ViralSpiral #Cute #Funny #Adorable #Baby #Speech

Ashley Penn says:

OMG. I died. I died laughing. I have to do this to my 15 month old son,
now. He babbles all day long. Who knew he was really planning on running
for office?

Gopher FortyTwo says:

Baby running for prime minister! Better than David Scameron!

Senthil Nathan says:

#TodaysViral is this cute video of a baby making a speech! Still makes more
sense than most of our politicians 😉

#ViralSpiral #Cute #Funny #Adorable #Baby #Speech

Alila Pop says:

Best funny video on youtube

Christabelle Newcombe says:

what a cute baby girl! :)

FanxB says:

What I’m dying to know … did he get elected?

777 jesus says:

lol. too funny got to see

Yasmin Nurulain says:


Mckenzie Jackson says:

awwwwwww cute

AFA161 says:

He’s nosey sounds so Yorkshire.

anabell funk says:

I agree your baby ness 

deltacotheladybug says:

Very moving. I have a lot to think about now.

Beth Skinner says:

Super funny!!!!

Paushali Ghosh says:


Albion Fan says:

you neeeeeed to do another one
(I have watched the other one, lol!)

Sagar Ghosalkar says:
Anju Jibraan says:


Blu & Red says:


Ravyn Karasu says:

2007 eh…yep. I saw this a few years ago and happened to think of it
today. It never gets old. This is adorably funny.

Albion Fan says:

this is hilarious! the people that wrote this are amazing!!

musey85 says:

silly numpties <3

The Mad God says:

He is very cute but if it wasn’t for the text I wouldn’t understand
anything at all.

fightthefairy says:

“Take That are FAR too old…” lmao This video never gets old though!

Beanie Bum says:

this is soo frunny you can accually hear he words :) please make more

IHasTheMonkey X. says:

Omg this video is so cool, you can actually hear the cute little kid saying
the words!

Little Toader says:

Little guy makes a hilarious speech: Funny Baby Makes A Speech – hilarious
funny video of a talking baby

Kevin O'Hara says:

Hope you like my video. It’s my little girl when she was a baby.

Kevin O'Hara says:

Hope you like my video. I made this myself.

Sarcastic Goat says:

Awwwww this baby must be a kid now this video is like 6 years old

Jnet L says:

That man over there, whys he care – he’s nosey lol

Courtney Boyack says:


BeingKhamalia says:

The baby is hilarious… the parents are hilariouser.

Amii Nicole says:

the people that disliked this are probably Take That fans

sydblack95 says:

So cute and funny you have no idea what he’s talking about

HunnyBunny143823 says:

The baby sounded a bit like Golem. LOL!

CaveGirlxD says:

She is adorable!^.^

leighahmke says:

I totally agree!! Forget working on Saturday! So cute!

Ruby Brown says:

Ha ha hilarious

August Lake says:

sôoooooö cute!!!

Rebecca Mitchell says:

Obama couldn’t be that innocent. Ever.

Akanksha Dhyani says:

Has got to be the BEST baby video I’ve seen in a really, long time. And
genius, the guy who came up with the subtitles! Good job, buddy 😀

Ruby Brown says:

hilarious that was so cute

Ellie Peters says:

SOOOOO FUNNY!!! ive seen it 66 times LOL jokin actually not .but sooooo

Rebecca Chubb says:

This is my very favourite video on you tube, cracks me up every time!

awesoME68797 says:

he sounded like yoda

Abby Hermans says:

I’ll just……………dunk!!

KawaiiClay Jada says:


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