Excited dog makes baby laugh!

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I’ve gotten a lot of requests for updates. My son is now 3 years old and as much as they’re still great friends and love to play together that particular type of play no longer happens. :( Could be that Pumpkin, the dog, is now over 10 years old or that my son is no longer floor bound as in his crawling days. :)

For those who wanted to know what kind of dog it is, she’s a Shetland Sheepdog. Shelties are amazing family dogs and she’s been so good to our 2 kids since they joined our family (she was an only “child” the first 7 years of her life). We just love her!

And last but not least, those who can’t grasp how I managed to not laugh hysterically while taping it, it had already been going on for a good 5 minutes before I even managed to find the camera so I had already gotten my laughter out. :) That’s not to say that I wasn’t still laughing but at least I could control it at that point.

Thank you so much everyone for all the positive comments and feedback!


RockyHD says:

I think the dog is more affraid of the baby…

Robert Badin says:

Beaucoup d’amour !

Butthurt says:

This is clearly animal and child abuse!

Barbara Dunn says:

Ohhh my gaaaad !!!
Too cuuuute

Durzo says:

Hire intelligent well-trained dogs, not nannies!

Our dog seriously, actually potty-trained my little brother. 

Giulia S says:


Петър Дамянов says:

Excited dog makes baby laugh!

Didier Favreau says:

Juste pour rire

Jaden Salazar says:

Lol he’s gonna want a dog when he gets older :)

ZELIG500 says:

Our beautiful sheltie is just past 9…and his arthritis would make this
kind of thing impossible now. But back in the day…he was so fast and
agile. Thanks for sharing. 

Ninna Forever&Ever says:


Karen K says:

Thanks for sharing. They’re obviously having a blast. Next up…nap time.

littledustball says:

how do people dislike this? this is freaking adorable. 190+ people with no
souls – _ -;;

Jen Downey says:

Please do another update? is your Son really 6 now? my oh my! and how is
Pumpkin?! thanks so much! hope you see this!

Jean-Paul CHAUVINEAU says:

mdr !!!

Michael James Hall says:

So. cute!! =)

bluetextbooks says:

they could do that all day lol love it!

Antonio Henrique García Rodrigues says:

hahahah the baby is pure light and the dog too

Grymmorgan says:

<:^D <3 <3 <3 World’s best baby-sitter!

jessica roy says:

baby and cutest dog

Alvaro Junqueira says:

Seriously… how can someone dislike this?? LOL!

JB Macatulad says:

that was the cutest thing ever. your dog clearly loves your son. so
awesome. :)

RushSoundz says:

This dog def. has rear-wheel driving

Chandra U. says:

Trust me..
I have watched TONS of sweet videos, also including kids and animals.
But THIS has to be one of my favourite ones.
Just pure love. thank you for sharing!

Modesto Dia says:

My Australian Shepherd play with me like this in the yard, and in the
living room. She tires me out. I would like my wife to video tape her when
she’s in this playful mood. It’s something to watch.

tee cee says:

I’m terrified of dogs and wouldn’t feel comfortable letting my baby play
with one. But I have to admit this video is adorable and this dog seems to
love this baby. 

Erika Moreno says:

I could literally watch these two all day. There’s nothing more adorable
(and hysterical) than this wonderful pair!!
Please Follow: +Amazing and Crazy Videos 

LaStarr Powell says:

Can Ellen PLEASE get a hold of the parents of this baby and dog owner. This
video cracks me up every time.

Saidani Maryem says:

Whaat a dog 3 :D

MistaFreeman1 says:

beautiful baby. He’s gonna be some heartbreaker when he comes of age.

Antonio García Rivas says:

The dog and baby are at the same frequency. Aren’t they?

Nhi nguyễn says:

so great!!!! I can’t stop laughing when see it

FaLLeNAn9eL says:

Haha. That was too cute. Half way in to the video I kept thinking “eeek!
Watch your head little one!”

Rinny O'Reilly says:

You know both the dog and the baby must have slept well after all of that
running around and belly laughing lol

Lori Waters says:

These two are just ridiculously cute. Love the end and how Pumpkin the
Sheltie gives the little baby boy a friendly lick. #dogs #shelties

Sandry says:

Awwwww too much cuteness in one video

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