DITL Baby Pees on the Floor!!

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June 30, 2013
My name is Mandi and I am a breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, working mama!!!
I started this channel after I was diagnosed with PCOS while we were TTC. It took us 16 months and were finally blessed with our beautiful baby girl. Hartlee Renee was born April 19, 2012. We are so blessed to have been given this wonderful gift. Follow my journey through the crazy days of motherhood and my journey to becoming a mother of 2 under 2!! Baby #2 is due November 2013.


empriss80 says:

What a darlin.

Nermeen C says:

Your family is beautiful Mandi!!

michelle kabiling says:

Love it!!

FromMisstoMrs says:

She addressed this is another video. A lot of children will walk bow legged
and most of them grow out of it

Mama Dunn says:

If you get Instagram Mandi you will be addicted! Lol. Hartlee minds very

Stephanie Marcum says:

The diaper butt is probably the best thing ever. I love it! :)

Riley Chapman says:

Her walk is so off she should see a doctor

Taiese Williams says:

Hartlee is so cute

Tosha Price says:

So cute!

psterling90 says:

I’m a nanny and the little girl i was caring for was up on the counter
while we were looking through the candy dish and she peed on the counter!!

MandD627 says:

I am not really doing instagram right not

courtney j says:

She is so cute!

Tracy Johnson says:

She’s already addressed that in a video.

MandD627 says:

We are just talking to her about it. Not potty training yet.

Carly Taylor says:

Why are you attempting to potty train so early?

SantanasMom1 says:

She walks so cute! I potty trained my son early and we had lots of
accidents, even poop. He was potty trained by 24 months!

MandD627 says:

Thanks LOVE!!!!

Julie Michelle Good says:

Omg Hartlee is SO stinkin cute!!!!

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