Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation 2012 [HD]

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A compilation of all the very best laughing babies in the world.

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!


funnyplox says:

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Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]

katja krivec horan says:

hahahahhaahhaha OMG

Donna Shaw says:

Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation 2012 [HD]:

Phillip Shadid says:

I’m convinced that 4,084 people either live in a country where thumbs down
means “love it” or they were standing on their head when they voted.

You would have to be a soul-less human to vote this down. And I’m not
talking about Ginger soul-less, I’m talking about you came from the bottom
pits of fairytale hell where the devil dribbled you out of his nutsack.

Giselle Lucero says:

Please? See my video it’s adorable 

Jack Gibson says:

Have a laugh…

Walter Gantt says:

Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation 2012 [HD]:

savita vashishtha says:

Umra badh jaatii hai umradaraaz logon ki aisii vidoes dekh kar Thanks U
Tube for encouraging people for making such videos.Such videos r literally
a boon.

Steve Corona says:

I had to punch a cinderblock to make myself feel manly again

謝玉枝 says:


Celestia Med says:

Gotta love babies >3< +Joe Med 

Carolyn Sizemore says:

Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation 2012 [HD]:

funnyplox says:

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Laughing Hysterically at Dogs Compilation 2013 [HD]

devika aiyappan says:


Asfiya Unnisa says:

If you’re really stressed out or in a bad mood just watch this it will
lighten your mood i bet you

Viveck Gheerdharry says:

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need some subscribers) :-)

Alyssa Ramirez says:

Funny haaaaaaa

Nevena Mitrović says:

Радости малене хехех :) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation 2012 [HD]

Sniper_Killer1231 says:

Why is there so many dislikes

trent parter says:

How does 4k people dislike this 

cjump22 says:

Who has no soul and dislikes laughing babies???

Alisha Singh says:

teaching my baby brother and he is so cute at learning new things he just
looks so cute and l fells that l went to bite his cheks of and also l
tryed that one time when was 7 and my baby brother was so cute and saw one
girl who did that and l wented to do that to and when l did that it was
warm and my baby brother started to crying and l was laugh stay then


Хихихихи….. Гледайте,гледайтеее……:))))))

Fatimah Alhallaa says:


Megan Wright says:

Oh my god this is just soooooooooo cute and funny I’m laughing with them to
hahahahahahahaha lolololololololololololololololol

Jeslet Joseph says:

watch this video plsssssssss iam sure u will laugh 

jothi babu says:

how nice to hear the baby’s laugh

XxBatManxX says:

1:01 and all that baby XDDDDD His Face’s!!!

Sakster Rose says:

it’s so funny the way they laugh I have seem two babies which I look at
them and they start to laugh!! I just looked at them no sound, nothing!!!

MoonM1kee says:

Some ugly ass babies like fr.
Only 2 cute babies Here lol
The rest look like gremlins

John Barker says:

Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation 2012 [HD]:

Abhishek Kapoor says:

Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation 2012 [HD]:

chelsea mohan says:


Soualiho Kamagate says:

That, is,,so. Cute!!!

Bjarne faas says:

Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation 2012 [HD]:

Pretty Piya says:

awww…. 2 cutie babies…. jst as mah small broda laughs

Diena Mekonen says:

LOL i laughed so hard that i think i twinkled hahaha!

Jose Trujillo says:

What’s so funny babies

Brandon Jones says:

Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation 2012 [HD]:

Anil Gupta says:

♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ oo there r so cute

J Ramos says:

Laugh is good.

battleskull zurg says:

Aww, this is to cute :} UGH time to listen to metal, lift some weights and
punch a wall to regain my manhood.

Benjamin Judah says:

00:51 – 01:05 = EPIC

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