Baby’s first LOL

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Our 3 month old laughing for the first time!

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Jacob Crim says:

I love when the baby stops laughing because his dad is laughing so hard
that he is like “wot?”

A. Lanzarini says:

I need a baby. 

Lauri Hirn says:

The first time my baby laughed at me was when I passed out with him on my
lap (cos of all the time he kept me awake at night), and then I woke up
from him laughing at me. :) 

Beatriz Stevens says:

OMG!!! Adorable!!

Lisa Douglas says:

My face is wet with tears and stomach hurts from laughing so hard. My gosh,
this is just so adorable.

Sheila B. DuBois says:

HAHAHAHA I saw this on WIMP and was a share that my friend on Facebook
shared. I l laughed so hard that I had tears coming down my face!!!!
The baby is simply adorable!!
Dad is cracking me up too! and I am sure Mom is having a hard time keeping
a straight face………. in fact they are all laughing like crazy!!

Azrael LiLitu says:

How cute was that. 

amy mascott says:

*baby’s first LOL*

I am NOT even kidding.

I rarely watch shared videos, but this one is SO worth your time. My face
literally hurts because I was smiling so hard.

I cannot wait to show my kids tomorrow morning.

#baby #lol #love #funnyvideo #babyfirstlol #daddysdarlings

Robin C says:

There is nothing more magical than listening to a baby’s laugh….How

Apox says:

its important to videotape this moments before the dad disappears 😀

Georgie Fresh says:


xXTwIlIgHt ThE wOlFXx says:


Angela Williams says:

Omg!! I’m crying laughing. I love love this..So Adorable! 

Tiana Glenn says:

My twin girls are almost 6 weeks. I absolutely can’t wait for their hearty
laughs like this!!! 

Tiffany Johnson says:

I LOVE IT!!! Precious memories…… OH HOW THEY LINGER!!!

Ditzie Crocks says:

Love this had me in fits XD Beautiful baby <3 how can people dislike

mothercare says:

How adorable is this video? What sets your baby off?

MayyRocks says:

How can ANYONE dislike this video? 241 people need medical help.

IronLionwoman says:

Awe, this baby is so cute! He’s so precious when he’s laughing.

Renee Eaglin says:

Omg! Flatlined! I laughed so much Everything hurts!

loveinspired7 says:

There’s always one asshole on threads like this… they know who they
I’ll bet they’re either in middle school or high school.

This video is ADORABLE!!!

Megan Wright says:

Oh my god I’m laughing sooooooo much it is soooo cute I love this video

dhang suarez says:

lovely baby

nadroky says:

I don’t know who’s funnier, the baby or the dad XD

Travis Kale says:

215 people have no souls.

Elisa Nieva says:

so cute

Manuel Velandia says:

I love this video!!!… just want to watch it over and over and over….

preciousay2 says:

so cute, my face hurts from laughing.

carol shaw says:

i hope they post some more of this baby i cant stop laughing so adorabe

TheBigJerl says:

Lol it seemed like it was more of his first big laugh den da baby’s

LexieShontai says:

That’s so adorable!! He has the cutest little laugh!!

Janet Coleman says:

I sometimes what this video once a day. I still laugh and laugh. Best
medicine for me.!

ka16yung says:

The exact same reaction when my son started laughing like that out of no
where!! Couldn’t stop LOL! 

alicat19 says:

Cute Jamaican brother.

Whalebert Toaststicks says:

This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

ThatDudeNamedSven says:

OMG the dad just puts the icing on the cake! XD

siti aisyah says:

oww really a adorable baby
he really love his father^^

Yas Mean says:

holy crap cute overload!!! i love other people’s kids!

and not in a creeper 1993 astrovan kinda way either. 

Oregon Right To Life says:

This baby’s first laugh is by far the CUTEST thing we’ve seen all day! We
had to share it! #LifeIsPrecious #SoCute

Sebastian frip9ppo says:

this video literally made my day!! cuteness overload :DD :DD
keep on laughing baby!

Daisy Montano says:

This is enough to cheer you up on a bad day!

jujub428 says:

My baby laughs when I do that too. 

Waddle My Friend says:

Instant smile on my face

diamond stallworth says:

That is so cute and funny 

آرجوآن الهآجري آستغفرالله says:

كانه يعرف سوالفه ي زينوهه ههههههههههههههههههههههآي ِ 

Autumn Walker-Duncan says:

how can anyone thumbs down this?

that1psycho says:

Why cant most viral videos be something like this instead of people like
PewDiePie who just scream in a microphone and make rape jokes just for
attention or Miley Cirus being a slut for views

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