Baby Micah Laughing Hysterically at Paper Towels

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The “laughing baby” Micah laughing hysterically with daddy and paper towels. Check out the other “Baby Laughing Hysterically” videos of my son on my channel!

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dolores1009 says:

what a wonderful childhood!

Travis Piper says:

Sweet baby!

pamnbill says:

I love this kid he makes me smile even if I had a bad day love that kid
love the videos too

Samuraya Espindola says:

Cute :&

Илья Куцепалов says:



Michael Murphy says:

you should make a video where youre chasing Micah XD

Elyn Krokene says:

loved watching micah and ruby giggle such a happy giggly pair:-)

Bethany Sahlin says:

i can see Micah i 10 years from now jumping on the couch ,falling on his
little bum and just laughing his head off

Catalina WT says:

does he laugh while he’s sleeping too??

ibmaddie says:

What doesn’t he laugh at

Alison Torres says:

my baby nephew is cracking up right now haha!!

SS M says:

this baby sure laughs alot!!! love it XD

Star1Kid says:

Another Micah video! Yeah! My day is always brighter hearing him. Thank you
for sharing him with all of us.

cherishdeb says:

why he’s laughing all the time? good question. We need to take life so much
less seriously, we need to be serious only about answering that question

yona1960bear says:

…is it supposed to be a question–“Are you fucking Oprah or what?” (which
is still ambiguous, but funny!) I’m hoping your poor grammar doesn’t
indicate terminal stupidity; perhaps you were intoxicated. Regardless, how
’bout climbing out of the cave that is your own head every once in a while?
You might could still avoid becoming a complete troglodyte if you could.

Bristy Shrestha says:

Not so funny :( But baby is cute <3 <3

LilMissDramaQueenie says:

Just imagine when he’s all grown up and watches all these videos….

angolai says:

This is gonna be such a positive person when he grows up xD

Kushibe Yoshinori says:

Micah always makes me happy! Thanks so much for the video!

yona1960bear says:

A mouth (figuratively speaking of course, seeing as this is the internet)
is like a gun: Just because you have one doesn’t mean it’s very wise to
shoot it off whenever you damn well please. What, exactly, was the point of
your reply and why did you feel such a pressing need to post it? Many of
your other comments seem to indicate a really smarmy, but insecure,
attitude, yet some border on genuinely funny. And I’m puzzled by the
ambiguity of your statement: Is it declaratory/accusative or …

FeetInSpace says:

Millions of dad-points :)

AHHHTV says:

Adams says you guys have a real boy over there.I see why you have so many
likes he is adorable and tuff at the same time.

Vanessa Kirtis says:

This kid is addictive!! Such a happy boy. No matter how many times I watch
these videos I laugh my socks off every time

TheDarkDreamer13 says:

Lol, he’s going to look back on these vids, & wonder what he was thinking.
Or laugh like crazy.

Melissa Stull says:

:) Such a cute little guy! I could see my brother doing this when my niece
or nephew (to be born this June) gets here.

Diane Cauger says:

What great parents. That’s all I’ve got to say!

Sara F. says:

This baby’s laughs have proven to be a potent antidepressant.. God Bless
you Micah <3

Jade Mac says:

laughing so hard till your sides hurt….

mia lin says:

Wonder what’s gonna happen when he grows up and sees this 😀

raeofsunshine337 says:

Micah is so awesome!

kc3reo says:

It would seem he was crying!

Ann says:

Such a darling x keep that baby laughing!

Anonland says:


Margaret Grace says:

They will never have to buy him toys.

ScaryIntentions says:

argh i’m gonna have to stop, face muscles hurting

InsertNameHere626 says:

i cant breath lol

Sakumi LP says:

Best Dad ever…

missunderstood2007 says:

P.S. Props also to the videographer (mama I’m guessing) who’s patience in
video taping wouldnt otherwise allow the videos to get made.

Marcel ruppi says:


Swiftau says:

No Eric… thank YOU for giving me a ‘lough’ today 😉

Courtney Sobotka says:

Aww this is adorable!!

TheLimitedIce says:

Also so much laughing can be bad but it’s so funny!

Mike Joseph says:

I am a grown man. Why am I at work watching videos of your kid laughing at
a pack of paper towels??? good stuff

amy laura says:

awww this little boy is so cute , you can see a strong bond between them
already what a good dad.

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