Baby Micah Laughing Hysterically at Newborn Sister

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The “laughing baby” Micah laughing hysterically at his newborn sister, Ruby, who was born just two days ago. Check out the other “Baby Laughing Hysterically” videos of my son on my channel!

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Henry Something says:

Does Micah not laugh at anything

Samantha G says:

God bless this boy, he looks like such a happy Kid…I love hearing his
laugh xxx May you remain happy like this all throughout your life, little

Lauren Flanagan says:

So cute! What a sweet little family!

KeyCLzIco GD says:

smile angel ,just make me happy.

Sugar Kiss says:

Such a happy child, he’s always laughing :)

mskclyrics says:

Maybe his little sister will cry all the time. xD

April Hirani says:

I bet the little girl will laugh like this!!!

Brianna Large says:

He giggles at everything such a happy baby boy :)

April Hirani says:

How does this video have 1

Craig Swanson says:

Micah is gonna grow up to be a comedian

April Hirani says:

So cuteeeeeeeee!!!!!!,

Freshwater says:

Laughing is one thing but this is going a bit far. Will he think it’s funny
when he gets jealous and hurts her? He has issues regarding sharing.

iCrazyYoutuber says:

I started thinking Micah is HIGH.

NerdestNews says:

He high af!

kym rhymer says:

get them both laughing

jenny lau says:

Too cute!!!

POPsongsADDICT says:

I don’t even like babies but this is funny

karl cheung says:

Too cute!!!!!!!

Jane Lee says:

He’s a good dad, a good babysitter also.

Zo jo says:

Ruby was staring at him like who on earth is is daddy, and why is he
laughing so hard? Am I ugly?

epicmilan says:

hehehehehe ;)

Angelina the Kawaii Narwhal says:

Micah will laugh at anything :)

Charis Pannell says:

Too cute

Annamaggie gaming says:

SO CUTE reminds me of my dead baby brother and his little sister

rhiannon blake says:

yep micah is defo a boy lol a cute one at that! :) lovely videos!!!!!

andrea beatriz lezcano says:

te gusta juan 

Rafi Atha Ramadhan says:


cynthiaa muahh says:

omggg I want ur BAYBE <333 its sooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeee! I love his videos

LittlePrepper says:

I dont know why,but dady locks a bit likedazran303

goyung9089 says:

So cute !!!

kmhall84 says:

Beautiful family and adorable vidoes!! Thanks for the laugh, it’s so

meganwilhelm16 says:

this one really got me laughing

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