Baby Micah Laughing Hysterically at Daddy’s Burp Noises

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11-month-old baby Micah (from “Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper”) laughing at daddy making burping noises. Check out the other “Baby Laughing Hysterically” videos of my son on my channel!

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titch1886 says:

Nothing beats a baby’s laugh! So cute.

GoGo.TCsisters says:

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Babies」for youtuve!

lunapark sunyoung says:

is he crazy baby???? o.O?

MalekMonkey says:

He laughs at anything, doesn’t he? :P

oussama elmir says:

He is gonna be a comedian

Krista Coxie says:

He will grow up to have a great since of humor xD lol

officeaddict33 says:

You give your baby laughing gas before the videos start, don’t you?

Sammy luvv says:

Correction mecha is the most cutest child ever god bless 



Charlene Elizabeth W says:

I was having a very bad day until I watched this video and of course the
other one with the ripping of the paper! Thanks for making me laugh as

Larissa Tripoli says:

What a happy baby! so cute!

rudi kurniawan says:

0:41. the laugh stop and they look each other. that the most beautiful

Barnabus Samuel says:

This warms my often too cold heart, big time. I send Micah Boy BIG HUGS
and a BIG SMOOCH with the dearest hope that ALL the rest of his life is
like this video, for the most part. Full of LOVE from your Dad, Mom,
sister, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and EVERYone else.


A lonely, middle-aged Guy with no kids who’ll probably never get over being
heartbroken about not having any.

Leanne Webb says:

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moveaxebx says:

The very few seconds when he stares and the camera just warms my heart.
What a joy. God bless you heart little man.

Zander Kondrup says:

How, just HOW Can someone dislike this?!

Erica McDaniel-Nap says:

I can’t even! He’s too cute!!! This adorable baby has to be the happiest
baby on the planet. Great job raising him so far. You’re a fantastic father
to this little angel

Apple Jelly says:

Handsome dad.

HazelHype says:

Aww, I just wanna kiss baby rosie cheeks

ritsuka151 says:

been growing up around bad or mean people, glad these babys are going to
have a better life :)

Kevin Chandra says:

Those cheeks are the best! So cute

immer welche says:

He´s gonna have a sixpack when he is grown up lol :D

Ummer Fayyaz says:

beautiful love of son & dad . 

Janie W. says:

i laughed as much as micah!!!!!

swprophets says:

Good dad

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