baby laughing

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Snowcupgal Luv says:

Dad: (quietly) hook
Baby :Hahaha
Baby: (Explodes of laughter)

Dr. HOUSE says:

I wonder how he look now :)

Jesse Nunez says:

it so funny i cant stop laughing cause it make me laugh so hard i sister
wont stop laughing so hard she freak me out 

Neon Angel says:

Just think…this kid is 8 yrs old now!! i first saw this when my daughter
was 2…now she is 10 :) still adorabe

danin koch says:

never get tired with his laughing. i enjoy anytime

Niklyn Crazy says:

Lol I made my like niece laugh my mom told me to change her diapers because
she sick and doest want to get the baby sick so I made it if it was a big
deal and she just laughed and her wipes I coups open it I tried to she just
laughed watching me struggling opening it I should’ve record it

Matthew Breach says:

This always makes me laugh.

Anamarija Batalić - アナマリア says:

I know,i know life can be difficult,distressing,sometimes sad…..
Therefore we need to laugh more and more….
Sooo start laughing 😀 

Sabina Ellner says:

Love this baby, and awesome that the baby is swedish like me. ;D 

Musikus 2003 says:

Ich lach mich flach

Sadik Belhout says:

Made my day ! :)

Krystal Harwood says:

see Morgan baby laugh video, also. It’s hilarious

Jacob stengård says:

cécile taddey says:

This baby is the funniest baby ever

natygrase says:

this is so funny 

og baby koya says:

this is so.cute

Griselda Guardado says:

Jijijijiji soooooo cute

Lollypops501 Hater says:

Boo then bing 

Kristen Tebedo says:

HE IS SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sakster Rose says:

This is so funny

Razan Abd al Salam says:


Nitin Chauhan says:

he is breathing deep in happiness

BananaMan says:

Best video on youtube!

Scott Kelly says:

if there’s one good way to cure depression, that’s baby laughs for definite

Charlie Baker says:

He is so cute I was about 1 then

Eldrick Zurita says:

That laugh lol, ahhhhhh gets me every time haha

TheGuess2 says:

Dammit, I don’t have time to finish the video i gtg get an abortion

stellaofcourse says:

I play this one whenever I need to laugh. This is too funny! 

jozef gapco says:


I like dogs! says:


Racket Gunner Tom tom says:

What is this baby laughing says:

Misschien leuk (of misschien ook niet) om hier ook leuke, lieve en grappige
baby filmpjes te plaatsen. Ik heb er alvast eentje.

Minimalist Prepper says:

3,327 people are miserable

Brian Bermudez says:


Ethan Hunter says:

Oh so lolz. A baby laughing:

Eva Dahlgren says:

Ja eller hur. Hur ser han ut nu? Denna är ju gammal nu men lika bra
fortfarande :)

Alleyhanna Barrett says:


nazirdjon says:

Where is the original one with more than 50mln views?

Joseph Frishkopf says:


KishyMP says:

fakeand gay

Emmy Solokha says:

its so hilarious

juan pintado says:

Super cute

mohamed ouhibi says:

is that bodil40?

Juliane Nowak says:


Felix Dog says:

What’s so fuckkin funny u cunt

Shanice Smith says:

I love him

Samantha morgans says:

this video makes me chuckle 

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