Baby laughing while feeding jager popcorn

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xXOkamiWolfXx says:

OMFG XDD i soumd like the bahtyyyy myselfd XDDDD

Wil Morris says:

That’s the Buddha laugh!

Absinthe Garage says:

That is the effing Dalai Lama right there.

Anna Banana says:

Thanks for sharing. Laughed till I cried and couldnt breath. So much joy.

Joshua Jacobs says:

that babies laugh is sooooo genuine

Maureece Parker says:

Did dude say the N word??

sonicheadfuck says:

Wow! There are 93 (so far) miserable bastards out there.

Rick Costa says:

Have you ever seen a baby laugh this hard?

Demetrick Boey says:


Kevin Lounsberry says:

Holy wow, that kid is going to kill itself laughing.

crazicaddy says:

So cute…so funny….I love listen I to her dad (I presume) laughing with
her. So sweet

Emilie asmrose says:

trop marrant, ce rire de bebe si spontane, en meme temps j’ai eu peur qu’il
meurt de rire !!!!!!!

ladybird78 says:

Sorry, I can’t feel comfortable, watching a baby face through an open dog’s

Joanne A says:

Innocence is a WONDERFUL THING! Only a baby could find a dog eating popcorn
that funny… for that LONG! Love it! :o)

Madonna Fox says:

Oh my gosh! Thank You for sharing your wonderful daughters laugh. It
certainly started out my day great! God bless the babies. You’re a sweet
dad and I loved hearing you laugh too!

Tammy O'Bremski says:

I would love to make her laugh my ringer!!

Shaneika Gowen says:

I love it. So cute.

Carol Martin says:

This is so happy and lovely to watch, nothing like a baby’s laughter to
cheer you up.

Davii Rangda says:

that thing is on drugs 

Zoltán Szamosi says:

Úgy röhög, mint aki nem normális! Őrület!



Thomas Yang says:

A happy spirit comes to the world and brings happiness to the people who
surround her, and to those who see her through the internet. Her spirit is

Natasha Wheeler says:

This made my day! :)

Miranda Ballard says:

OMG!!!!!!! Too cute

severine muffler says:

Baby laughing while feeding jager popcorn:

Alma Amezcua says:

This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

ionika perikli says:

so so so sweet omg

Fabrice El baou says:

Vieille vidéo, mais elle fait toujours autant de bien ^^

Greta Lap says:

Hier wordt je nu vrolijk van! Wat een heerlijk schatje!

GEhotpants101 says:

Must archive this for when people don’t understand exactly how funny I’ve
found something.
“lol” just doesn’t mean what it used to. XD

Diedra Weaver says:

Lol I’m dying!!! 

Sara Addwsari says:

I am wondering if the child has slept nicely that night … I am sorry but
I am not good in English .. her laugh is cute

Mark Carlos says:

Aaaawww!!! I feel I wanna have a baby.

SchyePoetry says:

I can’t stop laughing omg!!!

Frank Zappa says:

What a rascal! Lol

kay4aston says:

Cutest laugh ever x

flutist218 says:

Okay, let’s have another! She’s like, what 5 or 6 years old. I wonder
what she thinks of this cute video of herself?

Vanillalol * says:

trop MDR!!!!!

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