Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper (Original)

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8-month-old Micah (a boy) laughing hysterically while at-home daddy rips up a job rejection letter. Check out the other “Baby Laughing Hysterically” videos of my son on my channel!

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Frank Rizo says:

Got me laughing, too. Infectious. But how does anyone read something racist
into this? What a sad mind. The baby delighted me, lifted my spirits. The
comment that black babies (this person knows each and every one of them and
can thus speak for them), black babies do not laugh at paper being ripped
up. What a ridiculous statement. Reminds me of a black female colleague who
was complaining about a fellow worker talking to her about her cat.
“Doesn’t she know that black people don’t like cats?” I didn’t question the
blanket assertion, because I knew very few blacks, and none of them had
cats. But since then I have, of course , learned that some blacks like and
actually own cats, and that some do not.

XxAsDesireFallsxX says:

2014 and people are still posting racist videos like this…

iCutie Pie says:

I dare you not to laugh

Hasna Sharzam says:

A baby’s laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds you will ever hear.

danielle kuttie puttie says:

What’s wrong with you people? This isn’t racist! It’s just an adorable baby
laughing at a job rejection being ripped apart. You bringing things to this
video is what’s doing this. Not the cute little baby laughing at paper
getting ripped or the dad. And actually some other kids laugh at this,
EVERY race does. What isn’t cute/funny/adorable about a baby laughing

XxSweet-VanillaxX ♥ says:

It’s not racist. How in the hell is making a baby laugh racist. And he’s
ripping a rejection letter so it’s not a waste of paper. He was going to
throw it away anyway.

alanarocksify says:

Oh my fucking god. Its jut a baby ripping up paper. What the fuck is so
racist about that. And don’t try to use any excuse you can think of to call
people racist. This is literally the most stupid excuse to use because IT
IS NOT RACIST!!!! And no not every fucking white person is racist. If we
all were, there would be no mixed people existing. So thats obvious number
one. Obvious number two is my fucking ancestors are who educated the blacks
and set them free. This is off topic but its just fucking proof that we
aren’t being racist. Goddamn!

Amber Uptergrove says:

Does anyone actually read the description? To those who think this is
“racist” or “wasting paper” the dad is ripping up a job rejection letter.
He is getting his disappointed feelings out while having fun with his
daughter. And id like to see you turn that into something racist without
making yourself look like a ridiculous fool.

Jordan Francis says:

I couldnt believe my eyes when I watched this. This is the most racist shit
I’ve seen in awhile you should be ashamed that you put down every black
baby thats never had the luxary to afford ripping up paper in such a
wasteful senseless manner. White babies will laugh at anything you give
them because they’ve been given the luxary of being born into rich white
families. Remember who built this country racist pig.

Justin Chung says:

good thing i can still enjoy my life :)

Erika Badalyan says:

This video makes me smile every time I watch it. When I want to find a
funny video to enjoy with friends, this one always comes up, along with
other baby videos. I find it disrespectful to be using such language and
saying such things, joke or not, on a video made by an at-home dad who
obviously loves his son so much.
I think we should just look at it without interpreting it: a baby laughing
at ripping paper

Aحmed al_asdy says:

Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper (Orig…:


Killjoy45 says:

Hands down, the cutest video on you tube right here!

alexis koffel says:

I am legit the most confused I’ve ever been in my life i have no clue on
how this is rasist 

GoGo.TCsisters says:

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Babies」for youtuve!

Kaylee Mitchell says:

you people need to be a bit more mature. this video is not rasist! i don’t
even see how you came up with that! its a baby.. laughing.. at torn paper.
so get the …. over your stupid selves! if you don’t like to have a fun
laugh don’t watch it! you people thinking your comment about this video
being “rasist” is gonna change anything? this video has gone viral. your
dumb comment isn’t gonna stop ppl from watching ity. your just mad because
you mom or dad, or whoever didnt do fun stuff with you. now go get a life. 

Dave loser says:

you gonna not be laugh when he rip some thing important but your both havin
fun now and that is where the lives right now for the moment thanks for

redlinerumble3 says:

I’m goint to be very clear to all the people who say that this is “racist”.
First of all, if you want to ruin the day of someone here, you can go FUCK
YOURSELF. Secondly, you can think about how much paper you are wasting
EVERYDAY (then you come to say that is racist ripping 1 paper?). A baby is
the most innocence and bright creature in the entire earth, they don’t even
know what’s the meaning of such complicated things like “racism”. Finally,
just don’t come to fuck around to this kind of videos just to express your
fucking political opinion that nobody cares. It’s pretty disgusting and SAD
watching you commenting these kind of things in a baby video. Plus the baby
made me smile after a long work day, how can it be bad or even wrong? Just
go fuck yourselves with your depressive ideas of racism on a baby laughing
because his father is just ripping 1 PAPER.

PD: That baby is sooooo damnn cute ^^

dan maynard says:

I can’t believe what I just read in the comments, this video made me laugh
so hard I cried, I never felt so good and happy, that is until I read some
comments. This video is great and I apologize for the ignorant retards that
ruined it with their foolish comments

Dayana Rueda says:

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facebook page and also check my
etsy store

Tressa Rogers says:

Omg. The amount of people saying this video is racist is ridiculous. It is
not racist. Tearing a piece of paper is not racist in the real world.

Mary Jane says:

I think I get what he’s saying. YEAH, EQUALITY FOR EVERYONE. Only ripping
up white paper, how racisit!! Damn white supremacists. He should be ripping
up black and hispanic paper too! 

Adam Oliver says:

Some people just want to watch the world burn. 

Justin Carstens says:

All of you bashing this guy’s video id like to welcome you on over so I can
shoot you in the face with my saiga. You all are idiots. Cute video man.

Envie de Fraises says:

Cette vidéo est la définition même du #rire communicatif !
Il en faut peu pour être #heureux =)
#bébé #maternité #parentsandkids #parents 

Pudits Harapan says:

0:53 baby says ไอ้เหี้ย

JL White says:

why didn’t you send this to America’s funniest home videos? This is better
than many that i have seen win!

Jakester Gaming says:

Sounds like Elmer Fudd sitting on a juicer.

Someone, for sure, is going to get the reference. 

Humushi Sultan says:

that would suck if these were unpayed bills

Wykletypl says:

Wait a minute – This is a baby boy? Then… Why is he wearing pink? Isn’t
that color reserved for girls, while boys wear blue?

zenie250 says:

I dont get how this is racist id otn get why people keep saying this is
racist, people are so stupid.

rmmontes3493 says:

Oh your baby made me laugh soooo much! He is a sweet little baby too!

jothi babu says:

the baby is laughing
sound is very nice

Coco says:

Some of these comments are just too funny, this baby so cute

Peak People Solutions says:

This baby’s laugh is contagious. It got me laughing, too.

Charlene Vance says:

I love this. This baby is cracking up.

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