Baby laughing at the Wii

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Omar Suarez says:

Lovely kidd.

Donald says:

“LOL your form is laughable Dad. Srsly what a nub amirite?”

Jose Trujillo says:

How old is he
He’s so very funny.

Bob says:

No comments about the baby’s outfit? No?
Alright then.
“Is that baby Mario?”

Golf Lessons Online says:

Hehe, just proves that golf really is a funny silly game. Love it!!

selfmapping says:

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Fél perc néhány mosolyért: Baby laughing at the Wii

Shawn Peterson says:

He’s laughing because he knows how stupid the Wii is.

Faysal Aladwan says:

lol wtf

kingmik321 says:

Lol sounds like Donald Duck’s laugh ;)

Andrea Csák says:

Felvétel ideje?

éééé.hh.nn óó:pp

david kurtz says:

Blaziken: OKAY, Why is he laughing? May: Because he thinks it’s funny.
Blaziken: ( laughs harder )

sarah lafortune says:

lol hahaha adorable!

NJDevilsfan4life3026 says:

LOL!!!!!! I love how he carries on with the laughter at the end

poptartkitty rainbowglitter says:

aww so cute

sarah lafortune says:


Rashawn and Aniyah says:

This was soooooo cute n funny lol

Luigi Mario says:

Congrats for being on “Puppies V.S. Babies”!

david kurtz says:

Y is it funny?

Juan Cristian Cisternas Chavez says:

is baby mario laughing like donald duck


Video games make great babysitters, but they make even better bonding time

Carla A says:

One of the coolest baby laughs ever!

Heaven Nicholson says:


Diana Ramirez says:

Dad: Idk why he thinks its funny swings glof club from wii Baby: HAHAH CHEA
ASS GAME -starts laughing

smile.derpy and other mlp things says:

ur gonna kill that baby…………………with laughfter

thediamondcave says:


CESayers1 says:

Well, at least when he turns eighteen you have something to make him turn
red with embarrassment with.

BakedGoods says:


fan fun says:

baby looks like father

i7531shadow says:

Babys laughing because daddy sucks at golf

FreesiaS4 says:

“Oh god you so bad that’s hilarious daddy, please please learn me ! *evil

geo wells says:

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Rowida Hassan says:

wonder what will happen if he watches real golf lol

suzannedonnelly5 says:

That would do your heart good!!!!!!

Austin Luke says:


JustinVerlanderFan35 says:

He laughs hysterically so much that I got the hiccups for the whole day!!!
I wish I could laugh like that baby!

yosh ravi says:

shut up!

Lenni Schäfer says:

lustig oder

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