Baby laughing at my push up workout

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My baby laughing made doing this push up workout even better. It’s a simple set to help slim up your arms using knee pushups!

I’ve been using these push ups to get my arms toned up and back in shape again since giving birth 6 months ago. It’s been working great.

And while I filmed the workout, my baby laughed at me. Wonder what she was thinking? So cute.

1. Regulars
2. Sumos
3. Pauses
4. Hindus
5. Spiders
6. Toe-taps
7. Planks

Read the blog for more information:

Try them out and thanks for watching!

Watch my butt workout video here:


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arjun khandale says:

Baby laughing at my push up workout:

sheryl De Vera says:

Ang cute ng bata

Baby Boo says:

So cute! Absolutely adorable!

THESK1TZ says:

A mother that makes time to stay in shape. Good for you. So many say they
don’t have the time. Nice to see someone disproving it. 

Prettiboi True says:

I dont know why this was so
I might need to have one real soon. Babys are so amazing

Darth Devon says:

Damn she is hot, and the mom ain’t half bad either!

Jacob SMITH says:

honestly nobodys watching this to see how many push up you can do or for
excercise purposes

Kerry P says:

Hahaha my daughter was laughing at me working out back when she was that
age. Bless her :)

Toya Blackshear says:

That baby’s so cute!!!!!!!

Sara and Adrian says:

Body goals wow

Naqash Khan says:

Cute ass baby i got ps3 my id is ROCK-STAR-KILLA

marsha Lima says:

my son does the same thing i am a ex cert personal trainer trying to get my
body back

Jamesmn87 says:

Moms are silly.

T_Vall87 says:

Amazing cute baby! 

Espe Castillo says:

tu me das fuerza…lo malo es que tengo el injerto en el brazo y hago
ejercicio trato de no comer pero sigo gordaaaaa!! no puedo :(

Monse rojas says:


Normina Bacar says:

So cuty baby

Robin Claypool says:

Both my kids did the same thing. You’re amazing!good job mamma!!:) great
routine as well!!I’m a yoga instructor, and I am thinking about posting my
recipes, and some routines on youtube as well.

iamthebearsnuggler says:

How am I supposed to masturbate to this if there’s a fucking baby in the

Semra Balkan says:

Oh my god this baby is sooo cute i wanna eat her

Angie Wong says:

this is adorable!

Gabriel Escoto says:

Mama’s kind of hot. Top of the morning to you too……Oh, and the baby’s

Sanjog Silawal says:

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advantage of it. Just google Fat Blast Formula to unlock your weight loss

JocelynEF2011 says:

How old is ur baby how did u git soo skiny fast?? Or were u always skiny

jackburner8107 says:

Would have been much bettet if it was naked yoga. O well maybe next time

founder1123 says:

thats so cute my little girl still laughs at her mobile its fun to watch
but but really cute the baby was getting a kick out of this :)

e22378 says:

this must have been a long work out. because once baby starts laughing the
don’t want to stop.

So Ko says:

Awwww the baby is laghing

bellydancerocks321 says:

That happy baby would make me want to exercise all the time :)

Dead Dark says:

i love doggy

TMG LAProducer says:

So cute!! Wasn’t able to send a YouTube message, but would love to talk
about potentially working with your channel. Let me know via email at
jessika at thoughtful media dot com if you’re interested. Thanks! ~Rebecca,

Zainab Hussain says:

Your baby is gorgeous! How many months is she? You have a great body.x

onceuponthecross1 says:

great milf and cute baby lol

Vitality Advocate says:

Katya decided to record a quick arm workout for women shes been using.
Seems our baby girl thought it was pretty funny.

Ayan H says:

Aww cute lol

zac proqxis says:


Keeth Y says:

looking at your body, looking at the baby…. then i thought 0.0) thats her
baby? with that body? if it is then WOW! you go… who ever you are… but
if it wasnt her baby then nice body! still wow! haha nice to see variations
of push ups that is almost all in knee position. not underestimating but
people who cant do push ups on their toes should see this and try :) thanks
for the vid!

Kyle Mascia says:

beautiful body and beautiful baby! 😀

Nicole Bertrand says:

OMG! Amazing body after having a baby! I’ll never stop exercising :)

Vitality Advocate says:

thanks nicole :) i’ll never stop either!

Stave Gate says:

So cute

nejla marwa says:

perfect body *_*

TheAbStand says:

What I liked about this workout is that it requires only body weight –
looks like baby enjoyed it as much as we did. Thanks for sharing!

Vitality Advocate says:

haha thanks, yes, she’s our little joy. the birth video is on our channel
:) agree. and knee pushups are great to build up to doing regular pushups.
but i never seem to go extreme with workouts since my pregnancy. no need.
high intensity workouts are great, but you can still get great results with
moderation. there’s so much hype in the fitness world

Vitality Advocate says:

trust me, I bet she eats more than you do 😛

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