Baby laughing at dog eating bubbles

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susan swick says:

Baby laughs….gotta love’em….too cute

susan swick says:

Baby laughs….gotta love’em….too cute

Raj patel says:

Nice, LOL

linda mylink says:

Lucuuu bingittt

modarXmodar says:

This boy’s laugh is one of the prettiest things ever…

laura Gonzalez says:

Sooo cute:)

medusa7ful says:

He’s such a beautiful little boy! Muah!

Jennifer Major says:


Jennifer Major says:


Cheryl Kay C I A says:


Jose Santos says:

Aw so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

loylenganddan says:


summer4life100 says:

Bubbles, babies, and dogs. Now that’s a quality Internet video.

shit4brains222 says:

Just Wait This Video Will Get A Million Fucking Views In A Sec For
Something Pathetic Like This

Anferny9097 says:

I’ve watched a lot of your videos and that’s the happiest baby I’ve ever

cubansrule1 says:

the dogs cute but the baby is adorable!!!

moviesmalta says:


Ivy Wen says:

will the dog sick after it had ate these bubbles…

arrgh garry says:

cant beat kids laughing

ruaz4 says:

so cute baby

Glori recio says:

I know right the dislike bar looks like its the disliker’s private part!!!

22334418408 says:

this baby is cute he has a cute laugh!!!!!!

DU CELIA says:


Michelle Garcia says:


Thamonwan Amuay says:

Every funny haha..

tram tran says:

OMG . I want to kiss him

menslady125 says:

I smiled so much my cheeks froze!

Ambermiccutiekins14 says:

seriously who ever doesnt like this video is insane ITS HILARIOUS

o3oEmeraldo3o says:

i like dogs

Paula Quintero says:

my dog does the same thing!! The baby is absolutly adorable<3

jekka21lee says:

Soo precious!

Emilie Rogier says:

cute! :)

Josh Sanders says:

he really starts laughing at 0:40! soooo cute

Cyan Randle says:


Alexis Cassanelli says:

Omg this is great! Def trying this when my 4 mo is bigger!

Gabby Murphy says:

who would dislike this

Kevo7979 says:

babies are easily amused

gavschic says:

ha ha bless, there is no better sound in life than hearing a childs

Denis Griffin says:


Skil516 says:

this is awesome

laalaalalalallal says:

keep pressing 3

Gary Beal says:

Great video

bewithyou12 says:

soo cute!!

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