Baby Girl Laughing Hysterically at Dog Eating Popcorn | Laughing Babies | toddletale

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This Baby Girl Laugs Hysterically at her Dog Eating Popcorn. Sometimes babies laughs are so damn cute that even they can’t help it! This baby girl thinks it is so hilarious when her father feeds the family dog popcorn she can’t take it!


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Baby Girl Laughing Hysterically at Dog Eating Popcorn | Laughing Babies | toddletale


Van Ra says:

ich kann nicht mehr…… soooooo ansteckend 

Katelyn S says:

Just try and keep a straight face

Lara Sen says:

Baby Girl Laughing Hysterically at #Dog Eating Popcorn!!!

angel salaz says:

I hate growing up! I wish I could just laugh my lungs out at something as
simple as a dog eating popcorn. Boy,, it must be nice, not a worry in the
world lol

jesse soares says:

Thats my baby cousin lol :) 

irakli pruidze says:

she will be star when she will grow up

LiveWire134679 says:

Now THAT is good parenting. 

Karen Elliott says:

omg i cracked up lolz

gessika jayde says:

This is too freaking cute<3 i’m just laughing my ass off hearing her laugh.
She is too adorable<3

jeff hemminger says:

Don’t even have to watch the video. Just her laugh is infectious. I crack
up everytime.

Esther Franco says:

i can not stop laughing hysterically with your baby girl she is excellent

Ruben Gomez says:

Lol I laugh every time I watch this

J-Stielo says:

Still one of my top 3 videos EVER on youtube…

Camrae Suits says:

Goof graber shut up! No one wants to read a hater comment like yours. PS
I’m 8 so cusing on the internet is very stupid. I hope your lesson is

John Lopez says:

I’m dying here, the belly giggles!

nicholas sanders says:

i cant stop i’m crying its so funny but 0:36 – 0:38 is the funniest laugh

Jon Focker says:

awesome amazing. craps and keeps laughing…..

Kalena Lattimore says:

This had me weak

ecxpac says:

Anyone know the original channel before AFV bought it? Or was it even

Goof Grabber says:

What a simpleton. What she doesn’t know is that popcorn can retard the
function of a dog’s sphincter, causing him to clamp down and pinch his shit
off without a proper taper. The absence of a proper angle on the taper
will cause the dog’s ass to slam shut. This painful affliction can cause
the dog to be cranky and therefore aggressive. If I had a soft spot on my
head like this little chump I would think twice before aggravating an
animal that could drive its fangs through the top of my dome. Whoever
taught this child animal cruelty sure has a sick sense of humor. Fuck this
shit. I’m out of here. 

Britton Yeatter says:

I nearly died from laughter watching this… ;_;

Lafysky says:

It’s at WHAT she is laughing that kills. The DOG eating. THE DOG. A+

rockster10101 says:


Kuba Mikołajec says:

co w tym takiego jakiś bachor drze morde a pies wpierdala

Saidani Maryem says:

Omg xD so cute

stellaofcourse says:

There’s no way not to laugh along with this baby!

chris bimbo says:

@goof. Go f@&$ a dog in the ass you idiot

RoseJG440 says:

*It’s Friday!*
I’m as happy as a baby watching a dog eat popcorn.

Brittany Farrell says:

This just made my day

WC Joy says:

lmao. It’s infectious.

tneverrest jewlery maker says:
pink mena says:

that baby lag it ceppy and funyXD

brooks bynum says:

Omg.. This is to funny… That laugh tho!!!

Thomas Tait says:

My god……. This is just the most AMAZING way to start a day!!! I am
sitting here laughing so hard… What a precious little girl!!!!!!!!!!

Notesial says:

This baby made millions of people laugh including me :’) 

Gta - Latvieši says:

lol so funny ! :D

njsah88 says:

779 retarded, haters and idiots.

Hanaa Elsamy says:

It is very funny it makes me feel happy God bless this baby 

Trevor Alan says:

So cute and funny . . .It’s a very peculiar laugh for a baby, but still
she’s adorable and her laugh is funny. I love it

nicholas sanders says:

so is the first laugh

ma-gazin. Für Mütter. says:

Wir wünschen euch einen fröhlichen Start in den Tag! 

keri caye says:

OK Ellen De Generous…this tape should be shown on your show…….a whole
show of funny babies and then….a big give away

Roisin Reany says:

Cute funny dog lovly funny laughed my head off lol

Jawavis says:

How cute baby enjoys wait a sec, oh no! It’s a white baby! How extremely
Wasting popcorn like that. Baby must be part of the KKK like the ripping
paper baby.

Mindy Collins says:

Cutest thing ever laughed so much i cried.

Stephen Goodstein says:

stop i cant stop laughing

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