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ok so as of late, my son Roman has been obsessed with me giving him his bottled water through out the day so, I decided to bump him up to smart water from aquafina. The result to this video tops the last one which I didnt think would be possible-but Roman did it again in “EPIC” fasion!!!! lol here is the link to the first bottle of water if you want to watch it.


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So your baby is here! What joy and what pleasure! Now your life is expanding, To make room for this treasure. A darling newcomer, To have and to hold–Her (His) smiles are more precious, Than silver or gold. She’ll (He’ll) demolish your schedule, Though she’s helpless and small; She’ll make her needs known, And she’ll rule over all. See, a new parent’s work, Is just never quite done, But you’ll never mind, ‘Cause it’s all so much fun. When you hear her cute giggle, You’ll start “aahing” and “oohing,” And she’ll soon reply back, By “ga ga” and “goo gooing.” Those big innocent eyes, See a world strange and new; To make sense of it all, She’ll look only to you. So cherish this time, Of miraculous things–The excitement and wonder, That a new baby brings.
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Simone HoraHood says:

“Oh shit.”
“Yeah, ‘oh shit’ is right.”

Ava Mayfield says:

That babys cute

Mandie Salomon says:


betterthansex123 says:

hahaha hilarious video! And everybody who is hating cuz the kid swears,
seriously stop making such a big deal theyre just words and its hilarious.
Just cuz u were told they were “bad” at some point in your life doesn’t
mean thats an actual fact in terms of reality lol. Use your brains, this
guy obviously has a great relationship with his kid and you’re trying to
act like he’s a bad parent or something because he doesn’t make a huge deal
over nothing when his kid says a WORD.

boymeetsuniverse69 says:

I hope youre still giving him milk or SOMETHING………. cute kid, but
baby’s need fat to develop their brains!

1337Xerlyth says:

@jonli702 idk I think its for some contest or somthin

legion1008 says:

Oh this is hilarious… you gotta love them

jonli702 says:

@swaggedwill lol hell yah!

jonli702 says:

@MrAlla500 thank you buddy :)

Riley Kahlmeyer says:

He is to cute

Gravel Freeman says:

Pee on a carpet remember me a great horror movie !

Pedroswatchingyou says:

hes like brb….. never mind ill just pee here

Wests Reviews/Other stuff says:

man i wish ads would shut up so i can watch adorable videos like this

1337Xerlyth says:

shut up with that “youwintube” crap

yeggola says:

Roman is soooo cute! I would love to see more of your videos of him. He’s
just entertaining as heck and I love your comments/annotations and
‘conversations’ with him. They make my day! Srsly, after a blech day, I
watch Roman and you and your videos and end the day on a high note!

jonli702 says:

@shakenama u hit it on the spot man lol he is only one im not going to get
upset for a bad word although i just do my best to bring it to his spongy
brain that – that is a bad word…honestly in the end its just a word-some
people freak way too much about these things. There are much bigger things
to worry about ya know :) thank you for the great comment :) he is a
blessing and an awesome kid!

snackwells says:

Type PRIZE before youtube and hit enter”

yeggola says:

both dad and baby are hilarious. you can tell there is such a wonderful
bond between them. 2 beautiful guys.

UsAndOur8 says:

Too cute :) Even if the kid has a potty mouth, lol… he did try to clean
up his mess immediately :) And way to go Dad, that’s how you do it… you
just laugh it off – he’s a toddler after all!

ISing700 says:

He said oh shit oh wow


I love how he says Oh shit OH WOW

jonli702 says:

@SoJustCallMeLazy he’s actually only 1 1/2 i know young huh!

William Smith says:

WTF this baby is OC . I cant believe he said “Oh shit”. very hilarious his
dad should be proud. if that was my baby id make a fortune out of him by
making him a movie or t.v. star for Comedy.

foleyfrilla says:

@jonli702 at least its not coke lol

jonli702 says:

@boymeetsuniverse69 lol no he def gets his nutrients … lol baby living on
“ONLY” water lol yah he eats and drinks plenty milk….he just likes to be
like daddy and im always with a bottle of water, so it makes him feel
really cool.

LaShay0106 says:

Baby Says “Oh Shit ” .!HAHAHA

morganandkatieshow says:

hahahhah aweeee OH SHIT hhaha omg too funny guys calm down hes like 2, he
wont remember the word in like a year from now haha

SoJustCallMeLazy says:

How old is he cuz, cuz hes gotta be pretty smart to know that theres a mess
that needs to be cleaned up,

Sumiko7493 says:

aw how cute! haha. at least he knew he did somethin wrong and tried to
clean it up =]

IceyPivot says:

crafty little baby…. his plans to wipe pee on your pants has worked

zwinkygirl789 says:

he is sooooo shoudnt have took his diper off.

22382329 says:

i want baby like ur son….i like fat baby…so cute huh guys

GoldenArrow222 says:


moonkick360 says:

Chuck norris was raised in the wild by the barking cat.

FrozenTideTV says:

HAHA i love how u said “Oh shit is right!!” hahahaha

Vanessa Di Bona ( OLD ACCOUNT ) says:

lol i rick rolled him

jonli702 says:

@betterthansex123 :) thank you…and yes we have an awesome relationship!

vmkstar99 says:


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