Baby boy laughs like dolphin | Laughing Babies | toddletale

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Baby laughter is one of the cutest things ever! But when a baby laughs like Flipper, it’s amazing.


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Baby boy laughs like dolphin | Laughing Babies | toddletale


John Dempsey says:

its fake his mouth and toung dont move

89krx says:


Austin Benesh says:

This is the best!! LITERALLY LOL

Robert Verzola says:

I’d like to see an update on this!!! :)

Fhorn5114 says:

That’s so fucking creepy. I think I’m going to have nightmares now.

Angie Hill says:

My daughter laughs like this and it’s hilarious!

BkzSexyBrat says:

They sometimes do it when teething because of all the extra saliva. This is

Khouldelka James says:

Soo cute!!!!! Lol

Chantelle Nicklin Harvey says:

I wish I had a baba like that

HeReigns33 says:

He totally knows that he is cracking his parents up! So cute, I laughed
till I cried!!!

BkzSexyBrat says:

Omgosh soooooooooo cute!!! 

Kathie Hansen says:

Gees take him to Hollywood,lol! That’s so cute!!!

farida mohammed says:

Show off

Hillary Authier says:
Agundis1825 says:

You know in a way his little face is curious as to why they are laughing at
him O.o I think it’s a little mean.

QueenoftheWorld says:

that kids got talent

jeejee11711 says:

Loved it

Amitkumar Jadhav says:

Seriously Very nice laugh

Aryah Esposito says:

That’s fucking scary

Suzette Alberts says:


maiafk55 says:

that is cute

antdude says:

Is his name, Flipper? 😛

H2O Emelina says:

Hahahah aaawww!!!! ❤

AirbenderSora says:

That’s not a dolphin, that’s Woody Wood Pecker

IwshIcldstrtover says:

The kid looks like Phil Collins! LOLOL!!!

Eric Johnson says:

hehehehehehehehehehehe i will machine gun u down wit ma laugh

Shiny Sade says:

I think the mum or the dad must of been a dolphin for this to happen?

Vrrmbrrmbrrrm says:

hear fan says:

he’s like Whats so funny?????

Jade Stone says:

lol so cute but ver, very weird

jan8919 says:

That laugh is so darn funny !

djdeadmpafra says:

i have never heard a dolphin laughing

Tevihn says:

Good stuff

Jessica C says:

That’s so scary! O.o

tugafabiopt says:

go home dude ur drunk!

lacarter111 says:

I love this! He keeps doing it to get more attention and to make them
laugh! So cute!

TheGawain13 says:

My nephew used to laugh like that lol.

Adrian Flores says:

a born beatboxer here

derell white says:

Not cool

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