Babies Laughing Hysterically at Dogs Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]

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Sophie Horan says:

1:08 <3 that laugh is contagious

Aidan Davis says:

3rd it’s so cute. 

akaz98 says:

who the fuck dislikes this shit?

Jalee Alvarado says:

That’s funny

Yeasmin Khanam says:

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww on 3:23 the dog is sooooooooooo hilarious!!!!!!!!!! XD

Mai String says:

Extremely contagious. At 1:07. I was LMBO. It can bring the most sour
person back to life.

sana khan says:

Dogs don’t have to do anything with babies! I was as baby in hospital one
month because of them. And the other ting is that these dogs are too big
i’d Never allow my dog to play with my baby. Its Not that I don’t trust my
dog but simply the health is more important than fun. Disagree with me I
don’t care, but dogs are Not for babies.

Tsuitachi says:

At 3:05 it’s kinda funny how a little baby find that dog’s barking and
jumping funny while as a grown up man I would actually be very nervous and
scared by that.
It’s probably because the baby didn’t experience anything bad with dogs
before but I got attacked by dogs several times when I was a child.

José Nolazco says:

the one with the bublels is funny evan the dog:-):-):-):-):-)

Sahel Azzam says:


Yeasmin Khanam says:

cute cutest cuter cute luv cutsie cupid cute cutie it is darn cute!!!

Dsoky Ahmed says:

الكلاب الاليفة اوفى الحيوانات للانسان لكم منا بالغ التقدير والامتنان

sammy321cool says:

i like the one with the bubbles

kawaii dust says:

0:45 the dogs skin Is so unique

Jalee Alvarado says:

And cute

Timmy Summerlin says:

This makes you feel good

Zander Willow says:

Oh gosh…X’D I’m crying….

Chuck Berry says:

i dont know how come people could unlike this video _ 

Elhana Agačević says:

01:07 so contagious ,little cutie

arlene copas says:

That is some funny shit.

Samantha Amodeo says:

It’s so cute!!!!!!!

Terry Mahoney says:

+Erik Pelham for you

Anna Lopez says:

man I just love video it is so cute

Alexandra Batts says:

1:08❤️ so cute

keke san says:

Ohh they are so cute ^_^


Hahaha 1:15 so funny

loraxmm says:

so sweet ;)

Aimee Kilcoin says:

1:12 omg!!!!

sreenu Ch says:

baby laughing hysterically

Hannah Cupp says:


ela litwicka says:

Radość i śmiech Tych dzieci BEZCENNA piekne!!!!!

M Shooltz says:

delightful!! :)

Extreme Gamer says:


Melinda Boyd says:

Babies Laughing Hysterically at Dogs Compilation …:

HungarianThief says:

OMG the first one with the bubbles almost killed me that was hilarious!

Staisha RafetEl says:
ОЛЬГА. Ивановна Ленская says:

Babies Laughing Hysterically at Dogs Compilation …:

李人生多美麗 says:

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