What’s Labor Like? (Pregnancy Health Tip from Sex Health Guru)

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The idea of going into labor can be frightening. It can help to know more about what may happen. ――――――――――――――――――――――― WATCH MORE PREGNANCY VIDEOS! Click Here: »»» http://pregnancy.healthguru.com/content/browse/cid/15/sid/35?HT_204What’sLaborLikeYT


lilmisscrazy12 says:

i love the way she says pressure like its a mild pain im due in 7 months
and petrified i was with my friend when she gave birht and it is not
pressure, im squeming at the thought of it


hable en espanlo

arnór Freyr Sævarsson says:

we got our own problems to lol ! lol cramp doesnt have to be from something
a girls haves and bleeding guys can bleed to but not out of the vagiana lol
we get pain to, your allways complaining god made us this way with both
good and bad things !

kandenaruto says:

lol you say that like we want to….

velisa88 says:

me 2

karategirlme says:

good point i hear that from a lot of guys

VideoGal14 says:

I KNOW FRIG guys have it SO much easier and then they complain while they
sit on the couch and watch sports while we suffer

Erin Cee says:

This is why I don’t want to have kids O.o

KZoppa says:

my 1st pregnancy had to be induced & i wasnt really noticing the
contractions until they had literally been going off their meter for a
little over an hour. After that point i got the epidural. i think i would
have been able to handle it all without the drugs though. I know some woman
arent as lucky but woman have been doing it for thousands of years. It’s
okay to be scared of something you havent experienced. Be prepared for
ANYTHING & dont try to control everything. Roll with it.

BlazeKenny says:

0:38 invisible dick

RocketshipRadios says:


gargas99 says:

why did i look at this

sculls12xxx says:

holy shit i hate being a gurl

DiamondDeniro says:

hell yea!

xFuzzyLove says:

@myzuaher She is.

Air2ThaIn says:

I’m sorry, I’ve given birth only twice, they were very different from each
other. One I had an epidural, the other one I didn’t because there was no

LittleMissScary14 says:

OMG I’m scared xS

PirateKing1256 says:

It’s like taking a shit.

cupcakebitchbaby says:

o god i’m so scared now :(

karategirlme says:

y do girls get all the bad stuff periods cramps bleeding fatigue child
birth boobs PAIN????

manitobasuntanner says:

yes, but from complications …not from the pain.

steelerfan5746593 says:

im glad im a guy

karategirlme says:

yes i understand that but u have no idea how painful labor and childbirth
is and no one no’s until they actually go through it

Nathan Lund says:

Oh gosh. I don’t know why I watched this.

DeadGirlsPass says:

im up for the pain…i dislike pain but my baby girl will be worth it!!!

Zippa627 says:

yeah, she is SOOO not reading off of cue cards. ahhahaha she’s a woman
Nicholas Cage. just saying. xD

pollyboot2 says:

you have a great point.

flashash2k9 says:

you spelt labour wrong.

ZeroTheNinja says:

It’s weird to see her eyes moving back and forth as she reads her cue
cards… lol

keyshia stewart says:

lol….u said ”me 2”…at least im not the only one that’s scared lol

onesprincess says:

@skyerorymika very true

brousseaua says:

whoops…I meant to say ask for painkillers there, not ask for pain! Sorry!

Fahmi Ahmad says:

God. I’m jealous because of my pal. He has been alone for life. However
he’s caused a catalogue model to inform him she is deeply in love with with
him in less than a month. How can that be thinkable? He explained to me he
tried the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone gorgeous told me
they loved me… I’ve never witnessed him so cheerful. Kinda makes me

bevhill82 says:

people die in childbirth very rarely…take care of your self before, and
during pregnancy.. you will be ok, i have been through vaginal birth 3
times and i am due in october.. yes it HURTS, but once you hold your
precious little one for the first time, the pain won’t matter anymore.. it
goes from holy crap – to tylenol sore…this is from experience. and don’t
let anyone tell you pain management is bad.. ie, epidurals- use it i you
need it..your baby will be fine.. 27 yr old mamma

karategirlme says:


DeadGirlsPass says:

The only way that I will have a C-Section is when its an emergency. And you
are right. Don’t feel less of a woman if you have to have a C-Section. You
went through the pain of it still. You will be a wonderful mother even if
you have the C-Section.

CrimsonButterfly84 says:

@lornettee86 That’s one the reasons I don’t want to have kids.

sita4ram says:

how come none of these people in the pregnancy explanation movies look like
a doctor? most of them look like an actor who is not sure what their text

skyerorymika says:

a very crap video! giving birth is BEAUTIFUL! it does not have to be scary
at all. if you do it natural, without the drugs you should have an amazing
and rewarding experience! videos like this don’t encourage women!

Miranda DeRosa says:

everyone says its some kind of miracle… pssh yeah right… its the worst
thing a women can go through….

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