Safe Sleep for Expecting Moms (Pregnancy Health Guru)

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If your biggest pregnancy craving is sleep, we’ve got tips to make your nap time safer for you and your little one. Get more tips at:


Stephanie Phillips says:

I am 14weeks and I just wish I could sit up to sleep, but yet my 14 month
little girl is attached to mommy and wont go in her crib and I am so
uncomfy trying to get some rest. 


I was able to sleep on my stomach till I was about 22/23 weeks, I’m now 36
weeks and even sleeping on my side is uncomfy!

Kim Kimmerie says:

I’m 14 weeks today and have slept on my stomach nearly the entire time,
although within the past week it has become a little less comfortable and I
inevitably roll over onto my side. :)

Simbarashe Nyamasoka says:

thanx will tell my wife

Lyhav Tan says:

It’s good is so much more detail.

Alex Kubetin says:

sleep on your stomach? yeah right! i’m 17 weeks n 1 day pregnant n it’s
already way too uncomfortable to do that. my stomach is huge though. it’s
funny bc this is my first pregnancy. everyone always says that i’m gonna be
so big. i love it, but i hate it. sometimes i feel insecure.

deutztech85 says:

seriously how in the world can you sleep on your belly when your pregnant??

Stan Z says:

Visit my site for the song I wrote for expectant mothers called We’re

Banahnah Babee says:

@hollygreen25 thats what i ws thinking!

LaenitaBaby says:

Yep, I read this in a magazine. I took exact tips for my pregnancy.

yskdl1998 says:

Have you all ever wondered why are we told to lie on our backs once we get
to the hospital???? It is so they can plug us to the fetal monitor to check
the baby’s heart rate in case there is something wrong with it….but wait
a minute, couldn’t it affect the very thing we are trying to prevent??? If
the baby does not get enough oxygen his heart rate will show
distress….and then you will need a cesarean. One more thing that makes no
sense about the way we care for women in labor in the US of A

Bluequotations says:

im 20 weeks, and i have been in maternity wear since i was 11 weeks,i sleep
with a pillow between my legs,another on my left side, and 4 behind my
head! that is the only way i can get comfortable.i dont sleep on my belly,
its just to painful, so i alternate between my left and right
for me.

niqua m says:

You know being pregnant is a lot of work alright. I mean, the whole using
the restroom back and forth is a pain in the butt. And trying to make other
people and mostly anything from stressing you out. I didn’t know you
couldn’t sleep on your back?? I’m glad I did watch this video now. It helps
a lot for me. I’m trying to make sure the baby is healthy and stress free
for me too. So, she can be fine and I can be fine just for her to make
sure. I hope that makes a little sense??

bestamerica says:

★★ why NO closed captioned on this video ★★

jennygirl072002 says:

left sided positioning while sleeping avoid suppression in vena cava
however right sided positioning while sleeping is optional because majority
of blood is in the right ventricle!

MsNermoo says:

مفيد جدا

esdtenis says:

Lying on your side is the optimal position for anyone, pregnant, or not.
Also, a blood vessel from the legs to the heart would be a vein, not an
artery as presented in this video. Otherwise, great information!

MorningLace SwiftTail says:

but they say using an electric blanket emits frequencies or whatever to the
baby which can harm it

TheDulceCandy16 says:

@NotJustSuperfly do not ever sleep on your stomach because you will put to
much pressure on yuor baby and it might harm him/ or her. ive been pregnant
once so this really good advice.

Toolshed says:

@yskdl1998 Im going to lay on my side 😀 So they are just going to have to
deal with it lmao Ill end up doing it out of my nature since I have
scoliosis so Im sure they cant just strap me down XD Id love to see them
try hahahaha

anniebabii says:

the way she’s speaking is kinda freaking me out :S lolx “Growing a baby is
ALOT of work” that I feel like she is looking directly at me and saying it
:S lolx

Divine Tii says:

thanks 4 d info : )

Sarah Delaney says:

@TheDulceCandy16 im pretty sure the people in the video know better than
you love

Andria B says:

wow i can’t sleep on my left side just right cuz i feel and know the baby
on my left side.i tried sleeping on my back it don’t feel right.

ueripities says:

does it have to be left? Could it be right?

DanielforIsrael says:

Sleeping on your belly is a good idea during this period.

Sybil Vane says:

I am going on my 6th months now and I have to sleep with a U shape pillow
in between my legs, it help’s me a lot to stay confortable and in the right


I think she’s talking about Fahrenheit degrees…

LettersToVegas says:

Being pregnant just completely sucks for me. I hate not being comfortable.
The peeing sucks, the sleeping sucks, and the nausea sucks. 4 months to
go..I hope they go by fast. The little person is worth it all..

exohANNE says:

@lornettee86 actually you can sleep on your stomach if your comfortable
doing it. if you feel anything is wrong, then you obviously wouldnt. but
some people do.

NotJustSuperfly says:

Oh wow, I didn’t know I can sleep on my stomach. Good to know haha.

DarkAndiel says:

how the hell can ya sleep on your tummy!!! poor baby would be smooshed!

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