Q&As On My Pregnancy + Tips For Pregnancy Cravings & Healthy Eating, Ep49

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fred francis says:

you dont make any sense

bmlsb says:

watch video “Charlotte Gerson ” Cancer and Disease ” – What corporations do
not want you to know “

Ashley Adams says:


Heidis Time says:

Congrats! I’m only 24 weeks so only a few behind you!!!!! I’ve been having
bad swelling so they have been checking my blood pressure like crazy.

hellotwat says:

have you been/do you still soak your nuts and seeds?

Samantha Ruggieri says:

I am so excited for you! You look amazing :) ps I can’t wait for the juice
fast on the 9th. It’s my second one through your program :)))

DarkShadowM99 says:

Congrats on your new addition.

Teresa Morgado says:

Im very Happy for you and your husband!All the Best!lots of LOVE!

ashleigh elisabeth says:

congratulations.. ive been watching you for a very long time and i am so
happy for you and your husband!!

Savanah Miller says:

Yay! So excited for you and your husband! Yall are truly blessed :) happy
to hear you are doing well

osmacice says:

Morning sickness comes from eating acidic foods which are: meet, eggs,
dairy, sugar of any type.

Sarah Dipity says:

Thanks for sharing! :)

Eileen LeValley says:

Everyone is different. I was 35 when I got pregnant, ate what I wanted,
worked 60 hours a week on my feet, and I never got sick. Don’t make such a
big deal about it, just enjoy being pregnant.

Cintaku78 says:

I’m 30 weeks pregnant. Husband is Indonesian too. Wish I was giving birth
in Ubud at Bumi Sehat.

avalonandon says:

All the best. You are awesome. :-)

bmlsb says:

How is your “live active enzyme” daily intake?

veggielove84 says:

Im now 6 months pregnant im vegan and it has never cured my chronic
fatigue. I went from a bad diet to vegan. Its upsetting but I went vegan
for ethical reasons. I believe eating well treated animals is fine but not
abused animals. Im worried my fatigue is not enjoying vegan

whytlillith says:

are you making sure to get your b-complex, omega 3, vit d and dha? My
chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia started prior to my going veg and the
vegan. It all but disappeared during my pregnancy!

Sav Telly says:

So exciting! Long time follower; glad to see the update!

Sourpuss Candy says:

tip: low magnesium will cause morning sickness.

Tracy Lyn Turner says:

Belly shot please!!! I love seeing baby bumps :o)

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