Pregnant with twins – Have a healthy pregnancy carrying twins

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Pregnant with twins – Have a healthy pregnancy carrying twins

Pregnant with twins? Here’s great advice to keep you and your twins healthy, from Dr. Keith Eddleman, head of Obstetrics at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York.

pregnant with twins
twins pregnant


Ellie Ledsham says:


imposibleeposible says:

great info! thanks

Howdini says:

Congrats on your precious babies…so glad that they are fine. :)

zelda fernandes says:

I was pregnant with twins….the first three months i was vomiting alot &
also felt alot of nausea. I came to know only at three months. I delivered
early at 35 weeks but babies were fine. They were kept in the hospital for
2 weeks.

said2007 says:

@AimeeL85 early delivery ofcourse, why would it be abortion at that stage.
and who would abort their twins so far along

bestamerica says:

why NO closed captioned in here video

markuslowe9 says:

just watch the sexual tension between the two of them.

AimeeL85 says:

when he said “bail out early” did he mean abortion or early delivery?

corinakfernandez says:

he meant early delivery i’m sure.. I’m having twins also :) I’m 7 weeks

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