Pregnancy Weeks 13-16, Month #4 (Pregnancy Health Guru)

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Your baby is about the size of an orange this month, and growing! See what’s happening during weeks 13 to 16. ――――――――――――――――――――――― WATCH MORE PREGNANCY VIDEOS! Click Here: »»»


Lila Lisa says:

I’m vlogging about my first pregnancy and this helps a lot :)

Karoline says:

The video wont work. I´ve tried many times, but it wont load.

Ally baxter says:

Am I the only one who isn’t feeling more comfortable?? I am still throwing
up at least twice a day :(( I am lethargic and SUPER emotional. I am happy
I didn’t abort! I am super excited to see my baby at my first ultrasound in
a couple of days 😀 

Bee Field says:

her voice…… sooo boring.. and abnormally slow

Sofa King says:

God bless you ladies and your birth. My fiancé is due in Sept. After going
through the questions of abortion I will never condone it. Ignore the harsh
comments on some other morons opinions. They are here to discourage you.
You’ll be fine, just take things day by day. Know that you have a blessing
and is your duty to man/woman up and work harder than you ever thought
possible bc the haters and the doubters want you to fail… God Bless….

ForceUnleashed83 says:

My fiancé never had morning sickness, but she’s been getting very angry,
and easily

Greg G says:

Is there a lot if difference in 12 and the 13th week?

Rahelle Maclure says:

I’m 15 weeks and can’t wait

idris shariff says:

Am 16 and can’t wait to see

Bridgett Williams says:

God is real who u think made u

Rosalie Mbeng says:

thanks a lot for the ligament part ..did not read/heard about them anywhere
else..but have been experiencing the mild pain..

Morgan Chan says:

@John Mueller
Ur mother the one that should have abortion u cuz u wasted a space for the
other innocent unborn baby… 

SauceAndTheHaez TheKomedyKids says:

I’m a young mom I will be 20 on Monday and my unborn will be here June 21

SauceAndTheHaez TheKomedyKids says:

I’m a young mom I will be 20 on Monday and my unborn will be here June 21

untiedshoelaces69 says:

@halfdeademo1996 i’d take a test and maybe telling your mom will be more
benificial to you than not telling her. it’s more important if you do so
she can help you go through everything. there’s alot to do and the sooner
you can get things done, the better. if you got raped then it’s not your
fault. she’s your mom and she should be there for you. if you have any
questions you can ask me.

Maman D says:

@SHADY41487 I didn’t feel my first baby much until later in the pregnancy.
You need to find an ob/gyn. Just remember all pregnancies are different and
all moms are different. Depending on where she was I could feel her more or
less. My girl liked to hangout deep inside. Sometimes I felt fluttering,a
little wooshy inside or like I was kicked in the lungs but no outside, big
kicks until month 9 and then she stopped right before she was born. She is
now 9, healthy and awesome. Good luck!:)

GettingPregnant37 says:

wow thats cool! good job

michale rutherford says:

bitch, you can choke on a dick and die quietly — posting a comment =/= u
are an ass.

martylopia says:

@martylopia im due decemeber 10th.

Henry Verniz says:

Are you people trying to surpass China or something?

thesazzjazz says:

im almost 16 weeks and this is my second baby will find out the sex on the

josweetjo2010 says:

hi i am 4 months pregnant & very concerned.. i am a single 18 yr old soon
to be mommy.. but i have only had one ultra sound. that alerted me that i
am pregnant.. i watch alot of ur videos. & im getting worried now. becuz i
am now in my 4th month but everything feels different. & my belly aint as
hard as it should be. sumtimes its hard then sumtimes its soft.. but i
havent seen any bleeding or spotting. so am i goin thru a normal pregnancy?
please answer me ASAP!! – worried soon 2 B mommy

Monica coban says:

I am also 16 weeks and felt my baby kick me for the first time yay

Rose Thorne says:

what the?! wheres the other chick….

KindKristin says:

Im 16 weeks still a bit of sickness every ones different with my last one I
had sickness till I was 7 months

SharisVoice says:

@XDRbabeyX congrats!

juicystarme says:

What happened to the other lady!!!

Amber Whitman says:

i’ll be 16 weeks when i go in oct. 4th for my next ultrasound. do you think
they could tell the sex by then?

kimsue9035 says:

@martylopia ME2!!! :)

loveudannybabes says:

WOW! so that is whats happening to my baby now :) I am a midwife so i do
know but that is amazing. I can help with any questions or queries you have
on pregnancy & birth also :)

sara134100 says:

I am 16 weeks now….and my tummy hasnt gotten very pregnant looking yet i
dont think, maybe a tiny bit but its hard to tell, and I cant feel the baby
yet :(

Huei Song says:

I’m 16 weeks pregnant now and my uterus felt so hard this morning. It’s
like there’s a lump right above my part. Is that normal? And is it normal
for my uterus to be so low now?

Valo The Pegasus Brony says:

Im 11 and im watching this because i only go an hour a day at school.
Better learn while i can. Im a guy but might as well learn so i know what
my wife will go through when im old enough.

TheLaskos says:

I’m in my 13 week! My hubby and I are so excited!

Sarah Price says:


claudia mnmsonly says:

it looks like shes reading cards

asenboyz says:

love the info, i jsut cant stand how the doctor is talking -___-

islandrive says:

how patronising is this woman?!

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