Pregnancy Tips: First Trimester

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Part 1 of a 3 part series on Pregnancy Tips or How to prepare for baby. This video focuses on my tips on preparation during your first trimester. Thank you to the subscriber that requested this video and I hope this helps some of you!
If you have any additional tips to share…please leave them in the comments down below for other moms to read!!! Thanks for Watching!!! xoxo Cole

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Authoress-Madelyn Lugo says:

So informative…thanks so much!

mommytipsbycole says:

thanks for commenting kerry ann! i dont think many ppl are interested in
this video unless they r currrently preg lol!!! major lack of comments but
it’s all good! i’m glad to help even one person!!! esp u!!! love u mama!

MamiYare says:

Great idea..there would be no way i could remember with Taliah week by week
i probably be done got up on video and lied saying “mmhmm yup this is what
i done…and mmhmm yup you should do this cuz i did this “NOT i would be so
lying lolll..awww i so wish u would have been doing pregnancy vlogs side by
side being that Dylan and Taliah are the same age that would be sooo cool!!
and i would b like “yea girl so wha did you eat” and you say”a salad” and i
say ” A salad with a burger on the side haha

Alicia Milne says:

idk 😉 im hoping to be pregnant soon so im doing all my research now and i
found your videos and theyre really helping give me ideas of how to
prepare:) thank you!!!

mommytipsbycole says:

hi alicia!!! so excited to hear this!!! I am about to do a you tube channel
tips video on getting started soon!!! stay tuned!!!

Kerrie Lefave says:

Great advice. Thank u. Any tips for morning sickness, body aches, and mood
swings? Just curious because these are some of my main symptoms right now.

TheNurseCupcake says:

yay!!! thanks so much nicole!! :) this is sooo helpful!!! thanks for taking
the time to do this :)

Reno Busby says:

U talking to much

mommytipsbycole says:

hi alicia!!! best of luck!!! i’m so happy to help! i still didnt get to do
a follow up on this…but hope to soon!!! hope you enjoy the rest of my
vids!! i have a playlist for pregnancy, newborn and infant vids!

mommytipsbycole says:

what a fun video to do! man i wish i started this channel i when i was
pregnant!! id totally do that video for u! leme see if i can get a friend
to model…lol!! how far along are u?

Abi Ro says:

Could you do a video on what to wear to your baby shower?

Kerry Ann says:

These are some great tips!

Alicia Milne says:

hey! you have totally inspired me to start pregnancy vlogging! could you do
a video or do you have a video with tips of how to get started setting one
up? thanks!!! btw i have the same pregnancy pillow and it is the best! 😀

Yura Trusevich says:

Hey! I’m Ashley.I did -40 lbs last 7 days.More here

JulissaPB says:

Thank you for sharing this! =) I’m on my first pregnancy so I’m still
figuring everything as I go along. I think the books and apps cover the
medical side quite well, but it’s always nice to hear a more personal
advice and get some practical tips.

mommytipsbycole says:

i’m sorry u feel that way…just wanted to exlain as much as i could in the
best way I could :) Thanks for watching!!! Good Luck!

Kerry Ann says:

It will be here for future Mamas to be! Luv you to Hun. Keep up the good
work on the videos and PS Twins and I are doing well. 24w+ going strong!

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