Pregnancy Tips – 1st Trimester Morning Sickness

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Prenatal expert Latham Thomas walks you through the elements of a healthy lifestyle in the first trimester of pregnancy, and gives tips for coping with morning sickness.

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Full Transcript:

Hi, I’m Latham Thomas, prenatal wellness expert with and the founder of Tender Shoots Wellness. Today, we’re at New York Yoga on Manhattan’s Upper East side.

We are going to be talking about some lifestyle tips to get you through the first trimester of your exciting pregnancy.

With many overwhelming changes underway in the body, many women experience morning sickness. It affects about 65% to 75% of all pregnant women. Morning sickness usually subsides around the 12th to 14th week of your pregnancy.

Morning sickness is caused by hormonal changes in the body. The leading cause of morning sickness is the hormone progesterone. Progesterone has a “softening” effect on the muscles in the body, particularly that of the stomach and intestines.

Hear are some surefire tips for managing morning sickness:

Drink Ginger Tea: Grate it, boil it in some water and drink it to quell the nausea.

Eat at Regular Intervals: Always eat small bites throughout the day, so you never grow hungry. When you’re hungry, nausea can really settle in. Check out some of our videos on cooking and nutrition for tips.

Avoid Triggers: Stuffy rooms, crowded spaces, incense and especially perfume.

Eat a High-Protein Snack Before Bed: It helps to balance the blood sugar levels, so that you’re less likely to experience morning sickness when you wake up. A slice of bread with peanut butter can just do the trick.

Smell Lemon: Freshly-cut lemon can really ease sensations of morning sickness.

Sip Water: Water and ice chips really help to ease the sensations of morning sickness.

Deep Belly Breathing: Come to a comfortable position on the edge of a chair or seated on the floor and place your hands on your belly. This really helps you connect with your baby and the sensations that you’re feeling. You can either close your eyes or keep your eyes open for this. Take a deep breath in through the nose and exhale to “sigh it out.” Inhaling. And exhale. Just continue to breathe like that and notice the sensations that you feel. Notice, if you’ve kept your eyes closed, if you feel differently, if you feel more calm.

Try to practice the deep belly breathing and some of our other tips to stave off morning sickness in your first trimester.

Whether it’s drinking water, drinking ginger tea or smelling lemon, do what works for you.


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