Pregnancy Diet (What I Eat!)

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Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or a dietician…nor am I perfect :) This is just what works for me personally and what I do to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. I listen to my doctor, not what I read on the internet 😉

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ebonyangel8 says:

If you eat fish, you’re not a vegetarian. You’re a pescatarian. There is a

susana bordalo says:

you shouldn´t eat raw cheese because of bacteria

Akilo Sade says:

Thank you so much for this video. I am 5 weeks pregnant now. I’m like so
confused about what to eat. Thank you again

Rajiv Maroo says:

Tuna is not vegetarian

Dawn Faialaga says:

Diet yogurt not good for you, or baby.

maerenra says:

lovely video (: just for your information: spinach has a lot of iron in it,
but as well something that keeps your body from using the iron..that’s what
my doctor told me when I had a lack of iron. but it is healthy anyways!!

mika dega says:

ive got a horrible sweet tooth. i love apple pies and i just cant eat them
while being pregnant. im totaly jealous that you can manage to eat dessert,
im still in my first trimester and i keep my portions small because of
nausea. i enjoy watching your vids they help. thank you

sternalable says:

i know in a few years when i am pregnant i will come here and watch your
pregnancy vlogs all over again 😀

glueckistjetzt says:

Anna, you are a good person :) but I have one question: Why don’t you buy
organic food? It makes me wonder, because you are such a thoughtful

Kaylawrites says:

what do you do with the other half of the banana?

Sarah Mimbs says:

You are such a cute pregnant lady! You are going to be a great mom :)

cassandrasmom says:

A tip that my doctor gave me is to eat things with vitamin c along with
your iron..because vitamin c allows your body to absorb the iron :)

ThriftyShe says:

Lunch at 1 or 2, if you eat every few hours what time do you wake up? :) I
wake up at 7 and I’m starvin by noon if I don’t have a mid-morning snack.

Lisa Lilleseth says:

Great! You’r gonna have a strong healthy baby! I agree with djhannnah, when
your pregnant it’s really important to eat healthy, not “I can eat whatever
I want cuz I’m gonna gain weight anyway”.. hello??? Your gonna fead your
baby healthy food..

Hungariancitz2011 says:

Your hair looks so pretty in this video!!!!

Pippa Thorpe says:

Vegetarians don’t eat fish. Someone who eats fish and calls themselves a
vegetarian is actually a confused pescetarian.

livelaughlove253 says:

aah! i livein scotland and i loove that exact cottage cheese from tesco!i
love relating to you:)x

rosegold27 says:

yay for almond milk!! :-)

tomat0es says:

omg your hair is so pretty

strangeDoll831 says:

Thank you Anna <3 Love every single video from you Princess <3 I’m going to
get porridge, and be inspired <3 Thank you <3

Clara Utterly says:

When did you start eating meat again? And also why? I’m just interested to
know because i’m thinking about becoming vegetarian, but i’m worried about
getting enough iron, protein and omega 3

onthedamsquare says:

If you want to eat the half banana later on, you can stick a kind of stick
in it and put it in the freezer in a bag. After dinner snack!! You wouldn’t
think but it’s really good.

Stefanos Yiotsits says:

If you are looking to lose weight quickly, you should search google for
“Blazing Fat Loss”. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

samantha5037 says:


TheKatieSmile says:

yeeah me too :) for the same reason, eat it sonce 3 weeks and i am
superduper happy with it <3

sophs92 says:

This is true! My bro had a heart op and was anemic so he always ad to drink
orange juice with his meat! Milk stops you from absorbing the iron properly.

CrazyObsession93 says:

I’ve never heard of fruit in porridge before… I think I might try it. :)

LeopardPrintPanties1 says:

Im glad someone else is right and agrees with me. Thank you x

leahandlinda10 says:

your hair is beautiful in this video! how did you style it?

Eastclaremum says:

you need more good fats! baby needs them for healthy brain/eye/nervous
system! How about avocados and oily fish?

TheBeautyFashion1 says:

spinach is great for calcium too :) but not too much because of the
phytochemicals in spinach (they prevent absorption of iron and calcium)

AmandaMichelleBeauty says:

Hi, I just recently started trying to become a vegetarian. I was wondering
if you had any tips for someone that’s just starting to make the life style
change? I was able to not consume any red meat or chicken for about 2
weeks, but today I caved and I feel absolutely guilty about it. If you
could help me in anyway I would really appreciate it. Thank you <3

Style by Sophia says:


Peachyxo says:

You should try making a smoothie in the mornings or for a snack! I just
throw ice cubes almond milk banana and strawberries in a blender and BAM
great healthy filling snack or breakfast :)

IwOnAaaaaa says:

I asked for this video, thanx Anna! :-*

DenessaRose says:

i loved everything about your video, i would just say be very very careful
with your tuna intake. it really does contain high levels of mercury. i
used to crave it during my first pregnancy, i only ate it 1 or 2 times but
my son who is now 5 years old does have autism, and so this time around i
completly avoid all seafood together.. just to be safe.

Casey Louise says:

Loved this video! It’s getting harder for me to eat my 5-a-day seeing as my
nausea is so bad, and I have no appetite what so ever! I’m only in my first
trimester so hopefully it’ll calm down.

Sarah Sarah says:

LOL this made me so hungry just watching it! 😉 awesome video anna, you
look super cute

Maggie2410 says:

Hey Anna, you eat really healthy. Just one thing, spinach is great, but
youre not really getting iron from it, I have anemia-not enough iron in m
blood and my hematology doc says that it it scientists found out, human
body cant get iron from spinach, coz it is in some special form. Also
Laughing cow and all this kind of cheese, it is one of the worst cheeses
you can eat! They use special type of salt while making it and its bad for
you. Hope you dont mind, my mum is nutrition specialist.

misaki covington says:

cute belly!

dw9559 says:

LOL. I tend to go accidentally vegetarian while I’m preggers, just because
I cannot STAND to smell meat when I’m pregnant! I can eat a little bit once
I get out of the first trimester, but I’m really not a big meat fan anyway.
Thank God for peanut butter and quinoa! (Not together). They’re both pretty
easy on my stomach.

liveandlovepassion says:

love pink lady, too 😉

nataleenicholex3 says:

You’re absolutely gorgeous! :)

linzbee123123 says:

pink lady apples are my favorite too :) they’re so sweet and yummy

hutck says:

sorry, if you eat fish you’re not vegetarian, you’re just someone doesn’t
eat meat!

tiredtill2010 says:

actually there are tons of scientific articles that agree that fat provides
more satiety than “sugar”.

Lilmissmaggie1212 says:

you say blueberries so cute :p

sanv89 says:

jessica simpson cough* cough* ….good luck to jessica ,well better yet
good luck her “weight watchers”

Foxycleopathra says:

Yumm ! EveryThing Looks So Yummy I Love Almonds Too :)

cannabisbisbisbisbis says:

i cant believe im older than you

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