Pregnancy advice – Keeping fit & healthy whilst you are pregnant. Dr Joanna Helcke, UK expert

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Close During pregnancy you are quite simply the very source of all that your baby needs to grow, to develop, and to flourish. You are your baby’s cocoon of nutritional wellbeing and so doing your best to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle during pregnancy is a wonderful gift to give your growing little one… and this is not pie-in-the sky waffle, it is scientifically proven. Visit my website for more free advice and information

You will find masses of really useful, carefully researched information packed into this website, so do take your time and have a wander round. Also, down the right hand side of all the pages on this website you will find FREE downloads on all sorts of really useful topics, such as back pain in pregnancy, the dos and don’ts of pregnancy exercise, and a pregnancy diet quiz. Just visit


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