Hospital Tips for Having a Baby (Pregnancy Health Guru)

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90% of pregnant women deliver their baby in a hospital. These tips can make your hospital delivery a bit easier. More Labor & Childbirth tips:


bakeleewifey says:

I think I would cry if my husband couldn’t be there whie I got my
epidural…I have a bad fear of needles

jasminedenor says:

Just too think i will be in this postion in 5 months. But its all for my
lil bundle of joy. June 2010 Mommy 2 Be “)

hanniyes says:

@Jahooka same

liaseal says:

Que horror de estrias!coitada,acabou-se,pois não tem cura.

GuitarRockinChick18 says:

@o0katiekins0o that is WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much! I hope i can find
one in time now lol i have a week left until my due date, but she might
come earlier. (they’re worried she’s going to be over 9 pounds or
something, but i know those ultrasounds arent accurate at measuring the
babies lol) Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

MaYNaH8993 says:

That’s a lie… Your partner can be there for both a c section and n
epidural… Trust me…

mylovesofmylife says:

I had 3 natural rapid NVD births in hospitals, 1 with AROM in the ER where
baby was sick from AROM, which had the NNU treating her for suspected
sepsis when admitted to NNU around 1 hour old. 2nd child no AROM he had the
cord wrapped around his neck twice during rapid birth and the midwife got
me to stop pushing, dad cut the cord and he was healthy, 3rd child she was
born rapidly and naturally without any interventions, just 2 midwifes
pulled her out & she was the biggest and healthies.

Danielle Wall says:

not so cause my husband was in the room when they gave me my epidural!!!

unrecordable says:

@kooziejr lmao

Genevive Largo says:

good luck to me and my baby. i will be giving birth by feb 2010

TallavaMan says:

if u see her giving a birth u will divorce her after thre months lololol

meherzad boomla says:

Hey, u guys r crazy, who comment abt this woman not giving proper info..if
yer husbands were allowed to be there when u recieved an epi or a
c-section, than that was really stupid of your docs coz it just reduces the
degree of sterility n hygiene required for these procedures…

TheLawliet1 says:

i was born in c section

Umer Naeem says:

tell these tips to justin bieber 😛

JillianIrelandRose says:

your kidding right? she had a kid at 11? wow she’s not even a teen yet

GuitarRockinChick18 says:

@Imogen1885 I get the same looks and comments when i said i wanted to
homebirth and no pain meds. They call me crazy, they say indirectly that im
a “bad mom” because im not in a hospital, etc. It’s really nerve wracking!
I just wanna slap the crap out of some of the people, but i know it wont do
them any good. I applaud you for your awesome courage and beautiful
birthing choice! 😀

MzProgressive says:

@swiggey2 Epidurals are for dulling pain. If you are confident in your
ability to “work with” the natural pain of childbirth, instead of relying
upon drugs, it may be better for both you and your baby. Plan on going to a
LaMaze class, which teaches breathing techniques to help you relax in the
process; and remember, knowledge is power. If you know what to expect, that
helps too. Please see the remark of the Doula (birthing coach) above. Many
feel hospitals overtreat the birthing process.

spankymouse89 says:

all of these things are why i am opting for a natural birth. i fully trust
my body to do the things it is made to do. unless, of course, there are any
complications. but so far so good

First Last says:

“you’re partner” — that should be “your husband”


pregnancy Miracle

Andy Fetzer says:

Lol that urine is dark

EileenGallia says:

I gave birth in a hospital in the US(NC, military hospital). I was asked if
i wanted to leave since i was still in early labor instead of being
admitted right away. I spent about an hour walking around outside, it was
lovely. When admitted I was not given an IV or Heplock(refused), i was
checked only twice internally and once was at my own request. External
monitoring was intermittent and done with a hand held monitor and i spent
most of my labor in the shower. This video is misinformation.

ammccarter says:

@000timtimtimtam000 uuuum maybe you need to switch hospitals…that’s not
at all the way they do it at my hospital. And if you are saying that based
on what you’ve heard, then you need to do your research.

boutique4me says:

bullshit my man was there when i got my epidural

lillysmom411 says:

You all must not heard her.. She said being prepped for a c-section!! lol

franciscabob says:

@ThePravoslav dont vaccinate your child??? WTF its not just a way for the
government or “the man” to suck you dry…. do you want to see your child
die and know that there are resources, education, knowledge, and AHEM
medicine to prevent anyone from going through that… and they arent even
that expensive. a mother’s own milk doesnt protect but so much… that is
why you vaccinate….

Bethashley04 says:

@krocks111 Spelt is a type of wheat. I believe you meant ‘spelled’, perhaps?

meherzad boomla says:

Not that its a very bad thing…but why do it knowingly when its not good
for the mom n infant. The problem with u p’pol is that using the internet u
guys think u knw more than the docs….who spend years in their resp fields!

rashidhussainish says:

its ok

bigshmitty says:

the part about the guy not being able to stay for the c-section or epidural
is not true i was there for both when my girlfreind had our lil man i
watched them give her the shot and i watched when they delivered him and
she had a c-section i then watched them close her back up and no i wasent
in a different room as her i was in the same room with her

gatorguts says:

@Jahooka It depends where you go. A lot of hospitals won’t allow your
husband/birth partner to stay with you while you get the epidural.

Jennifer Ly says:

See that’s why I didn’t look at it! Not sure whether or not he did though.

YTGinger1111 says:

Probably because its a sterile prep. dont for get, they are creating a
significant incision into the body. and sometimes sterile preps are not so
elegant. but neither is a big infection.

briglls says:

No…..some people aren’t listening to the video correctly! she said the
husband can’tbe in there while the wife is get PREPPED for the C-section in
other words “he cant be there when the doctors are get her ready for the
surgruy”. The husband can be there with her while she is have the

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