Healthy Women Healthy Families: Planning for Your Pregnancy

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There are many steps one can take before you become pregnant that will help prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Preconception Health
describes basic ways to keep a healthy lifestyle while you’re trying to conceive. Diet, exercise, weight, behavior and Folic Acid are discussed along with the importance of every woman having a pre-conception health check-up.
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gadionson1 says:

very inspiring to watch! brilliant video.

go4thus says:

Excelent video, but it’s very hard to find videos about Preconception or
articles for that matter for women under 35. 5 Stars

Prisca John says:

why does nobody talk about signs to expect when you are pregant.

Jennifer Ly says:

I had a hard time finding those too. Every woman experiences different
things, me for example, I felt stomach pain first, then came the weepies, I
cried at nearly everything, and then my breasts hurt…quite a bit. I was
never felt very sick, but I was lucky, my sister vomited all the time. Try
googling stuff like that, you’ll find a lot more info.

Healthy Pregnancy Guides says:

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