Healthy Pregnancy Information and Tips

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You mean I cannot eat this? And that? Oh gosh I just drank that, which is banned from pregnant women, what now? And I am using this skin care product, right, right, right, these are the ingredients in it, what, I am not supposed to use them? I became a nervous wreck. I have never felt so terrified and horrified before. I take good care of myself, spending hundreds of dollars on skin care product that could fix the flaws. Now, I have to think about the baby, the baby has to come first.

Whoever claims that pregnant woman glows is either never been in pregnancy herself, or she is trying to make us feel better. This is because as each day passes by, I discovered more zits on my face, my body, my back, and my chest. We were told to use as little chemicals as we could; and must start to take prenatal multivitamin that is loaded with folic acid. I used to take Salmon fish oil capsule, but now, I switched to prenatal DHA oil that has no mercury from the deep ocean oily fish. I also started drinking fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning to pack on the folic acid.

Being A Vegetarian

Yes, I am a vegetarian, but occasionally I do eat Salmon or tuna sandwich which is the only meat that I could do with. Now, I am told to stay away from all kind of fish; and everything has to be cooked thoroughly. No fresh salad (fresh veggie could be contaminated with fertilizer or animal feces if not washed properly), no fresh dairy products, and egg has to be cooked thoroughly. I was not a big eater before and one could count what I ate for the entire week, or month, or even years. I eat the same kind of food all the time. With the baby now, I have to expand the variation of my food. Funnily, the foods that I used to enjoy are not very appealing to me anymore. Whenever I think about it, it made me gag. I loaded on steamed vegetables, rice, porridge, and I actually tasted my first chicken after my last chicken feast, which was more than a decade ago. It was a scary first bite, I drank lots of water with it to cover the taste, but after a while, it really was not that bad. And now, I have explored eating Vietnamese Pho noodle, which I have never imagined myself eating, granted, I ordered the vegetarian Pho noodle, but still, I have never enjoyed food as much.

Small Meals Every Now And Then

I know, every woman is afraid of gaining that extra pound, and I admitted that I am one of them. I used to be able to skip breakfast till the very late afternoon and just drink a bottle of juice as my brunch. And dinner, I would made do with some breads or vegetables. Now, I have got a baby to think about. And I get hungry easily too. Instead of three big meals a day, I tried eating healthy snacks in between, cup of raisin, an apple, and some grapes. It really does help to stave off the hunger pain and wondering if your baby is getting enough nutrition. I was told that pregnant women should gain 20-25 pounds in these nine months, and we are now eating for two. Whatever I eat, for my portion, will be able to deliver to my baby.

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