Fetal Development Week 36 (Pregnancy Health Guru)

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Now that you’ve reached week 36 of pregnancy, your walk has probably turned into a waddle! But this just means your baby is dropping. http://Pregnancy.Healthguru.com/?YT


Carolina Flores says:

I’m 37 weeks pregnant and the doctor told me my baby is facing down but
it’s vertical is there any chance it could still change position? I don’t
want a c-section and this is my third baby I had my other two normal

rudra pradhan says:

hi i am 36weeks pregnant but my baby still breech is this save to do Cesar
?pls help 

Dj zero says:

Im just about 41 weeks with my second child.. looks like induction yet
again :/


36 weeks today :)

mallorywannabe says:

36 weeks Mon – soooo done w/ this already! 

Danaw Johnson says:

How sweet

Jaffar Valli says:

What byne

imGg6394 says:

36 weeks today!

Laterricka Sanford says:

Almost done I’ll b 32 weeks 2mara 8 months yessss!!!! ;)

IntrinsicEmpress says:

Whats with the pointless stethoscope?

Meghank Sharma says:
glaisa Pabatang says:

36weeks today ;)

Lee Sa Rodriguez says:

Im almost 33 weeks pregnant

mina alissa says:

34 weeks today

Robin Ice says:

I’m almost their

xokizza says:

37 weeks in 2 days!! I’m Almost there! :) 

Maggie Ayala says:

Im 34 Weeksz Today

nik teh aminah says:

35week today

chieftain49 says:

@nimcocali maybe we’re scar because it’s the unknown. Thanks for your
“encouragement”, it helps !!!

sugabaybee22 says:

36 weeks!!!!!!

Noel Selix says:

Im pregnant with my 4th girl.

iStephyLynn18 says:

13 and pregnant…. oh wow. get a freakin hobby.

JMSB92 says:

Entiendes lo que dice?

blueyed25 says:

I just turned 36 weeks and I am right there with you! Very nervous and im a
ftm as well!! But we can get through it! Best of luck !!

Stephanie Durdle says:

I am 36 Weeks

12valvepower1 says:

cephalic head

Karla Marcel says:

@MrCrystal0987 im so happy for you

Kirsten says:

@malika6991 Just fyi, I also have a really good friend who got pregnant
with an IUD in. So, they’re definitely not 100% effective.

Meg Florenz says:

Finally after 2 years of hard work :) I am pregnant. I am so excited and I
would recommend you it visit this site it helped through all the process
—-> pregnancysym.imsets.com

Vanjayy says:

” a little under 6pounds” omg I’m 36 weeks today, baby is 7 pounds
according to last morning’s ultrasound. 84th percentile~ guess the end is
near :)

mandylla says:


nimco ali says:

I want to get pregnant and be a mum but iam so scar. I am very scar giving

silmon26 says:

I am 36 weeks too and nervous!

Cassandra J says:

33 Weeks and cannot wait! This baby is kicking my butt!

nimco ali says:

You welcome

spontaniouspreteen12 says:

@M44resto your moma was pregnant you wher inside her. r ya calin her gros

CraftyKoo says:

@xZombieChick69x Congratulations to you too! :)

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