Eating Healthy During Pregnancy

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Close I am not on a 100% raw food diet but eat mostly raw foods. Things changed a little when I found out I was pregnant. Here is what I’m doing to to stay healthy during my pregnancy. You can get most of the items I talk about in this video at


maharley27 says:

Hi, so i just found out that i’m pregnant. I about 4 weeks along. During
this last year, my significant other and i have been making smoothies. They
usually contain lots of greens like Swiss chard, kale, broccoli, collard
greens, and even spinach as a base. Then we get creative with the fruit.
Lots of black berries, strawberries, bananas, peaches (when in season),
etc. We mix and match the fruit. Then we throw in some supplements such as
vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and super Food capsules that contain, chlorella
algae, spirulina algae and other such greens. Now, that being said, ive
stopped taking those super foods that have algae because im worried about
the effects it would have on my growing bundle. Im a first time mom, i have
absolutely no experience with being prego, lol! Im learning as i go. A
little advise would help :)

Andriy Naperkov says:

Hi! I’m Alexis.I did -35 lbs in 1 month.Visit

ahava7shalom says:

Congratulations Nison family!!! Yah bless you guys!

juicysmysoup says:

andrea prior character count’s up congratulations, recallin too got tipped
a prenatal can cause hemorrhage birth &now saw warnin especially omega 3
sort emphasized mix may disrupt bleedin durin preg precursor. yet you’ve
advice beyond my yammerin, so knowin psalm 127 blessin we needn’t panic
nourishment to nurture but yes be responsible supple supply past symbol.
btw wonderin if found pro con water delivery or just basis. spacin child’s
calmer strong input my girl checked i must talk of besides~

Chelly Snow says:

*hugs* Happy to hear of the blessing. We also had a m/c before our 2nd was
born as well and were pregnant again 2 weeks after… our 2nd girl was born
breech, at home 6 months ago today. Praying your little one is healthy, a
good nurser and a good sleeper 😉 Shalom B’Yeshua

Anna Kruk says:

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Christina B says:

CONGRATS on your rainbow baby!!!!!!

James Carmichael says:

Second baby? I’d die of the cuteness :) congrats and I’m sure you’ll all do

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