Banana Milkshake | Mallika Badrinath Recipe | Health Drink During Pregnancy

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Learn how to make Banana Milk shake Recipe at home in a healthier way. For more tasty recipes, Subscribe

Powdered Almonds & Walnuts – 2 Tblsp
Ripe Bananas (1 medium sized) – 200 gms
Cold Milk – 200 ml
Palm Sugar – Little
Saffron – Few Strands
Ice Cubes

1. Blend powdered nuts, chopped bananas with little milk until smooth.
2. Add rest of the milk and ice cubes.
3. Run the mixer at low speed with short intervals until it blends properly.
4. Serve in a tall glass.

Normal requirement for adults, especially women – 400 gms
Calcium requirement during pregnancy – 1000 mg
Calcium in 100 gm of ripe Banana – 116 gm
Calcium in Almonds per 100gm – 230 gm
100 ml Milk – 210 mg

Increased intake of Calcium is highly essential during pregnancy for the mother, not only for Calcification of foetal bones and teeth but also for the protection of Calcium resources of the mother to meet the high demands during lactation.


Mallika's Cookery | Mallika Badrinath Indian Recipes | Cooking Videos says:

Banana Milkshake – Health Drink During Pregnancy

Learn how to make Banana Milkshake Recipe at home in a healthier way. For
more tasty recipes, Subscribe

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Really it is helpful. Thank you mam. Pls provide some more tips for
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Really good..soft drink for refreshment !

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