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Elizabeth Kabugho says:

Amazing video, love the duggars!

12valvepower1 says:

@mcgregwood7 he sure does

controlpopulation says:

They are selfish because there isn’t enough resources to feed, cloth and
shelter the world now and these nut jobs keep having kids like a vending
machine. Like the first 4 kids weren’t enough? Its complete insanity and
last thing they should do is put them all on TV like its some great thing.
This is not 1850 where people needed big families to tend to the farm, this
is 2009 with over 7.5 billion people in the world and counting. Wake up
from your religious delusion.

dancer19102 says:

Okay, dude, really. Why do you really care wether or not they have 18 kids?
The way I see it, that’s more children that could possibly learn the truth
from a christian church (Preferably Catholic) and spread Jesus teachings.
You, though, have no idea what you’re talking about, so I recommend you go
do some learning about the church, and stop slamming people you dont know.
It’s ignorant, selfish, and on top of that, just plain rude.

Jessica Richardson says:

When a woman is breastfeeding or has entered perimenopause her periods are
generally irregular and less frequent, so it isn’t a sure sign of pregnancy.

controlpopulation says:

These people are messed up. 18 kids? How selfish they are to have so many
children when so many others are starving to death because of lack of food.
Maybe they need to spend more of their time helping poor families instead
of supplying the church with more babies to brainwash.

babbina says:

@IAmTheCthulhu I think u need help and need to deal with the demons inside
u and yr anger issues.

njdevilsss950003 says:

They aren’t messed up. They are obiously very religious and you need to get
your facts straight. It is not selfish of them whatsoever. They help people
in need all the time and would never hurt a fly. This woman seems like the
sweetest lady on Earth, and you need to mind your own business.

nietzsche71 says:

dancer 19102 how nice it must be how care free life is when your
intelligence level is so low just walk through life not getting anything in
between the lines must be nice

mellifera75 says:

I don’t think she’s had a period in about 18 years… she’s been pregnant
for 18 years!!!

Mitsy1212 says:

You are as pathetic as the Duggars! God should come down & tell this
attention-seeking woman that enough is enough! She needs to stop spewing
out baby after baby. It’s not cute, Christian or fair to their older kids
to continue to mindlessly breed!

nietzsche71 says:

ya thats it nice name by the way nideliii950999 or what ever it is they do
this because the think theyll be rewarded in the after life its all about
them not the kids mind your own bussiness? r u a child or an idiot?what do
u think y tube is let me guess your going to refer to the good book on this
huh ok your right sorry ill go jump of the nearest bridge ooooooh i cant or
ill go to hell thats right becaus e god dosent judge sorry sorry

controlpopulation says:

I’m glad your 16 and questioning everything you read, but the problem with
most teenagers is they think they know everything. Being there long before
you, I too thought I knew everything but the older you get..well you know.
16 or not, population when you reach my age, and shape honey, will be over
11 billion and counting and if you think traffic, pollution, waste is bad
now… wait. Its your generation that will suffer most so I hope you come
to reason with it. Your world view is very small

nietzsche71 says:

to the person who dosent understand about over population get off your
commpound and and check out the real world if the population keeps growing
at this rate in 500 years the human race will be shoulder to shoulder do
you have to check the good book first ?ok

Jessica Richardson says:

You can start population control by euthanizing yourself. These people are
at least creating productive members of society. There are too many people
who have fewer children and are nothing but a drain on society-they should
be your focus.

XXLoveoneanother says:

God hates NO one!!!!

ballaguitara says:

alright neitzsche…with a username like that, i take it that you’re an
athiest and/or non religious. am i right? And no, God isn’t white…God is
God and that’s all there is to it. you can’t give him a skin color because
he isn’t human! He created the world and gave his only son so we could all
be forgiven of our sins. my religion isn’t better or worse than others –
it’s just the way…Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. and the only
way to get to God is through Him.

dancer19102 says:

how is that messed up? having 18 kids is a blessing and you are just a butt
hole if you are saying that the church “brainwashes” people, because i bet
me, my siblings, and the dugger family, will have way more of a chance of
geting to heaven for going to church, than rude people like you. and how is
that SELFISH to have that many kids? most really nice people i know either
have or come from a big family(or suport big familys). so if you do not
like big familys, move to china or something.

Zairebabyphat says:

how old is she pluse good for her

FaithsFreedom says:

That women is so calm and patient I bet I wont be like that when I have

dancer19102 says:

So, it doesn’t seem to be effecting you, judging by your…um…shape.
Overpopulation is not going to be an issue. Diseases keep the population
down. So, are you saying that if keeping the population down is important,
are you encouraging murder and abortion? Actually, if you look, the Church
has no faults, compared to todays “laws” and rules, which are so screwed up
its funny. Now, I should let you know that you are discussing this with a
16 year old kid who knows his facts, so watch it.

luv4cascy says:

this family is so annoying..they dont really have good interview
conversations as they talk in circles and is just plain gross…religious
or not there is no reason for that many chilren who are going to go through
shock when they hit the real world…they are beyond sheltered from reality

dancer19102 says:

i dont think i know everything, because i know i dont know about the boring
stuff like history and stuff. but i know that i know about the church and
that having a lot of kids around is fun(by the way im the oldest of 10
kids) and how is my world veiw small? ( i will NEVER be your shape) !

mcgregwood7 says:

GIGGADDY, GIGGADDY, Daddy Duggar has the stamina of a porn star. He has to
with the amount of fu@king needed to make all those kids. He must have to
keep it up all the time when the cameras are off. Holy Sh#t!! They much be
at it 5 times a day. I wonder what the kids do when that vial act is going

Jazzlynn Watson says:


Jazzlynn Watson says:


pixiepoodle1909 says:

my step mom is in a weel chair and she is goin to have a baby she thinks
its a girl cuz when she was pregnant with her son she wasnt sick.

denimchiq87 says:

I really don’t understand why people think the earth is so over populated.
People die just as often as people are born, so I don’t see the problem.
And I am not a 16 year old kid with a “small world view” either.

Jessica Richardson says:

You could start euthanization with yourself for population control.

nietzsche71 says:

all bible belivers please explain how your religion is better that the
others or is it that theres dosent mater because god is white ? i dont
understand ?

nietzsche71 says:

seriously people how can this kinda thing be glorified there is a serious
thing in the “real world”called population and natural resouces i cant even
finish this its so out of controll

Isotec1 says:

I have one advice for her in dealing with morning sickness.Stop getting
preganat so many times and keep your legs closed.

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